Imaginale Design
So I have found (and narrowed down) some lovely teal bridesmaids dresses by Alfred Angelo (excluding the white one).

I feel they are complementary with different body types.

This white one's bottom has a similar style to my (potential) wedding dress.

Teal#1 - Very chic ... I love it! But too casual...?

Teal #2... Simple and elegant

Teal #3 Just simple .. but I like the belt (could be diff. color)

Teal #4 I like the bottom of the dress a LOT!
And I think the high waist wrap is great for different body sizes

Teal #5 Beautiful and dramatic! But would it look good on the shorties?

So I was thinking the wrap on this last dress (Teal #5) is beautiful! I might keep Teal #4 and add the wrap from #5, ya know? Basically imagine Teal #5 as a shorter dress with a bottom that curves in (like a bell :).

That's it! Next post will be all about the deep red! I'd love to hear your favorite!

5 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    Hey girl!
    I think that 2 and 3 would be flattering on a lot of body types. I like the balloon hem on 4 as well, and the wrap-around that is on 5, like you said. What color wrap-around do you think you will go with?

  2. Ellen Says:

    They are all so beautiful! #1 is gorgeous, but I think you're right and it may seem too formal. #2, #3, #4 all have the same shape, which I think would be flattering on a lot of different body types. They're also very elegant and classy. My favorite is #5. I love the wrap and so I like your idea of incorporating it into the shorter dresses!

  3. Ellen Says:

    I totally meant to say "too casual" at the end of my second sentence instead of "too formal" . . .

  4. Maggie Says:

    I really love #4. I think it is beautiful!

  5. fabssss Says:

    Ale! Here's my take on this..

    I think #1 is too business-like, my favorites are #2 and #3: 2 because it brings a soft-side, yet it's still elegant and 3 or 4 because it is simple and adds youth (due to the strap-less part). I think #5 is too long and if it's gonna be during summer, short dresses are always "summery"?
    Just my 2% of a dollar. :P