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So I came across the Mod Cloth website that is FULL of retro/indie/vintage style clothing. Ah, love!

I've collected the dresses that I LOVE and would even consider my bridesmaids to wear (haha, I'm crazy). AND I even found some vintage gloves! I'm not sure about those in particular, but they're cool gloves nonetheless. Then other random beauties...

Beautiful print!!

OF COURSE, one of my favorite!

Unfortunately all of these are very... restricting? Especially the gray pencil-skirt one... you could not hide any flaws in that one! lol. Only the teal match my color scheme anyway, but I still really like the classic-summery look of it :)


Just imagine the teal dress, paired up with one of these gloves AND these shoes and necklace!


Beautiful!!! I'm obsessed with this theme, haha. It truly is my favorite. I'm just set on my bridesmaids looking... sophisticated, a hint of sexy, and FUN!

Here is my interpretation (an example .. minus the shoes!)... (dress by Tadashi Sohji)

or !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How gorgeous yet simple!! The magenta one is stunning, I have to say...
(dresses by Jenny Yoo)

Question-- I was toying with the idea of giving my bridesmaids a SPECIFIC color swatch. Then I was going to tell them they could find ANY dress, as long as it matched the color EXACTLY. I will only do this if I have 4-5 bridesmaids. I'm still tossing the idea in my head and figuring all of that out.

Where this went WRONG:

But where it went RIGHT!:

Honestly, I think the girls in pink went "wrong" because... to put it bluntly, some of those dresses are ugly =\ Why would you wear that to a wedding even as a guest?? But if more of them dressed like the girl on the far left, it could've worked! The girl in purple on the left doesn't even match!! I would probably spend a day with each of my bridesmaids to look at the dresses and help them pick it out. Plus, I'd trust their taste! I think as long as all of them had the same color swatch, and we went together to look at dresses... it could work.... Just imagine the Jenny Yoo dresses I posted up there ^ all in teal... :)

Otherwise, I'm leaning to Banana Republic, J Crew, Charolette Russe, etc. lol - because I just don't want my bridesmaids to pick out a "prom" dress.

Look at this non-matching Indian wedding one! The bridesmaids look colorful, cultural, and beautiful!!

Don't worry, I don't plan on doing something this busy though, just wanted to point it out.

Your thoughts?
5 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    The first one with the print and the one next to it with the ruffle top and black skirt are both super cute/sophisticated. And the ruffle top is sexy, I think. =) I have gotta say that the Magenta dress is totally fabulous, wow. And the teal one under it is great too and would look good on lots of body types. I love the picture of the bridesmaids in gray-what a pretty shot. You are going to have the most creatively put together wedding party, I'm sure of it. =)
    Love you~

  2. Meghan Says:

    I forgot to say how much I am LOVING that necklace. Super cool. If I can make this suggestion-get at least one set of the jewelry and shoes you want to take with you for each bridesmaid so that when you see them try on the dress, you know it looks good with the other accessories you know you want incorporated. It would suck to shop and find a great dress only to have it clash with the accessories you love.

  3. Ellen Says:

    LOVE those vintage dresses! I also really like the teal ones and the magenta one. The gloves are pretty too - I think any of them would look great paired up with those dresses. I also think the idea of letting each bridemaid pick out their own dress has potential to work well. My friend did that with her wedding and it looked great. I also went to another person's wedding where she did that, but it looked awful because some wore short dresses while others wore long dresses. So I think it will look great as long as the dresses have as much in common with each other as possible!

  4. Natalia Says:

    I think that if your going to do same color different dress you have to be VERY VERY careful! I LOVE THE last dress the aqua one!!!!

  5. kitty j Says: you post so much....leaves me all @_@.

    First of all I love the dresses, I personally find the black/white one to be my fav. (but I think that's due to my love of b/w LOL). Other than that I love that print on that first one. Very cute styles!

    Gloves: I love the first pair....just adorable! The sheer ones are alright but I don't care too much for the white line from the seem area (shrug)

    Shoes awesome....necklace even better!! Can I say I want that necklace!! :P Parasol = <3

    For the other set of dresses I love the magenta one & the teal one as well :D.

    Answer: I love the thought of the color swatch idea, and I agree in spending a day looking or shopping with them would best prevent any mishaps. :D

    So awesomeness....:D