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Everybody... meet Luxedeluxe

I saw these and thought they were beautiful! Reasons why:

1- When I tried my dress on and I found some earrings similar to this, my godmother said "I wish there was a pearl on this somewhere! That would complete the look." TA DA! Pearl AND elegant drop!

2- The antique silver encompasses the whole vintage flair

3- She has a TO DIE NECKLACE with my colors!!!! *ahem* ... My birthday is June 17th. I kid, I kid. It's a bit expensive.

And look at this lemon zest version!! I might even be more tempted to have this one!

Feedback on the earrings!! Yay or nay or could do better? (As in, they're gorgeous, but maybe not for the wedding...)
4 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    I think the earrings are drop dead gorgeous! BUT, I still haven't seen the dress, so I don't know if they go with it! :)

  2. magz Says:

    I really do like the earings but i would have to see it with the dress again. I somehow feel that the pearl dangles a lot. But like i said i have to see it with the dress.

  3. Sonjacharde Says:

    I think the earrings are gorg but the necklaces are way too gaudy for a wedding dress. They look more like clubbing or just a regular dressed up day. I think for your jewelery for the wedding you should try and stick with simple/classic yet elegant to avoid a costumy look. You dont want people to be starring at your colorful necklace because its so bright and big instead of looking at you. But, again, this is just my opinion. Please dont take any offense. It the end you do what you feel is best fitting for you!

  4. Ale Says:

    Sorry, maybe I didn't make it clear... but I was loving the necklaces for fun and definitely not for my wedding! :) I completely agree that I wouldn't want to wear bold, colorful, and gaudy jewelry.

    I'm glad you liked the earrings b/c that's what I was considering wearing for the wedding! I actually also am considering not having a necklace at all. Thanks for your thoughts & considerations! :)