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My mind just EXPLODED with wedding projects from OnceWed!!! If you're getting married, I can't recommend this site enough! Not only do they have a "used" wedding dress section, but they have a DIY section! This is what a girl needs in this economy. Though unfortunately I couldn't find the dress I'm looking for used =\ Oh well... money saving will occur w/everything else!

Speaking of. G L A D I O L U S .... have you seen these babies?!?

Not only do they stand well against harsh weather, but they're IN season during the summer, and they're so INEXPENSIVE! I was at Publix on Sunday to pick up some cheese, which ironically I usually go to Kroger, but Publix was on the way home. I walked by the flowers and I saw this beautiful set of PEACH/coral flowers. I continued to walk towards the veggies, but on my way back, I stopped AGAIN.

I had to ask.

"Excuse me sir.... how much are these flowers?" My curious mind wanted to know because all I could think of was "centerpiece, centerpiece, centerpiece." He said "Um... let's see. These are $3.99." HA, I must have heard wrong. "Wait, $3.99?" ... "Yep" ... "For the STEM or for this bunch?" .... "The bunch..." WHAT?! These gorgeous babies can be mine for only $3.99?!

I then proceeded to tell him that he better not be wrong or I'd be leaving with a broken heart. Joking of course ;) And YES! They were only $3.99! I called my mom and said "Why hasn't anybody ever introduced me to gladiolus?!" Apparently we have them in our house in TX "all" the time, but "I don't pay attention." Haha. I told my mom they must not choose pretty colors b/c I would have noticed! My Aunt buys fresh flowers all the time for our house, but I just always assume it's expensive. Wrong!! So awesomely wrong!

I know I've been a little "mysterious" with my centerpiece, but you better believe that more than likely you WILL see some gladiolus flowers!! My experiment tonight will be to cut them to fit into my small jars and see how well they last overnight. I won't be cutting flowers the DAY of my wedding, so I need to see how they hold up once they're cut to fit my jars and how long they last. When they're not cut, these babies are supposed to last about 10 days. I LOVE THESE!

Just to give you an idea of what you can do with them...

Last.... I wanted to see who is up to making Fabric Flower Boutonnieres with me :) This is the tutorial from OnceWed:

I have pretty much everything to make it! I will probably look for a different fabric than the one I have at the moment. So if you're interested, let me know! I'd love your help :)

2 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    I love gladioli - I had no idea they were so inexpensive! And of course I would love to help you with the fabric flowers!

  2. Lenora Says:

    Gladioli are almost disturbingly hardy. My parents have some that have taken over a flower bed that they absolutely cannot get rid of.