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HOW freakin' creative is this proposal story?!

"My girlfriend Katie and I go to school in Hawaii and live by the beach. We run a lot on the beach, and sometimes we follow cool trails into the trees. Well, I had scoped things out in advance and found a trail leading to a grove completely enclosed with trees. Tree branches were all around and completely over the top as well--like a secret hide-out.

Last Saturday morning, my good friends and I went there together. We climbed ladders and tied 200 battery-powered tea light candles into the trees. Later that evening, I met up with my girlfriend, Katie. She had no idea what we were doing that night. Soon, my buddies sent me a text that the candles had been turned on.

Katie and I started walking along the beach towards the spot. We were still probably 300 ft away, but I could see the candles glowing through the trees. I wanted it to be a complete surprise, so I blindfolded her with my sweater and guided her. We slowly (REALLY slowly--it was rough) walked into the clearing.

The place was lit up and looked amazing. I had planned to wait a few minutes to propose...but I realized there was NO WAY I was going to be able to enjoy anything unless I proposed right then. My head was focused on proposing, I couldn't carry a decent conversation, and my stomach was in knots.

Katie took off her blindfold, and it was awesome. She loved it. I pulled out the ring, stumbled over my words and proposed to her. She teared up and smiled really big (it was a great face, really!).

She nodded, and I had to confirm that meant yes. We just stood there saying the same things over and over, stumbling on words, etc. It was funny. The nerves got to us a bit! Now we are engaged. It all feels great."

Beautiful :)

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3 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    So sweet! I love the pictures of them with the lights all around! Beautiful!

  2. Ellen Says:

    Awww! That's definitely how I want to get engaged - somewhere with a ton of candles.

  3. This must be one of the most romantic proposals I've seen in a while!