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I am SO EXCITED! I should be planning a wedding, but something exciting is happening in a month: HALLOWEEN! Okay, okay, I am not usually this excited about Halloween, but let me tell you WHY I AM this time!

This, sadly, will be the last year I am living in Atlanta. After Jose completes his masters in May, we are moving out to either TX or California. OR Europe. Ha... j/k (though we have looked for possibilities).

Anyway, Jose's sister Jasmine and I are planning on having a crazy photoshoot next weekend. We got onto the topic of "Alice in Wonderland." After that, everything went UPHILL. I mentioned dressing up as madhatter for Halloween with some girl friends, and suddenly ... it clicked. ALICE IN WONDERLAND THEMED PARTY FOR HALLOWEEN!!

Oh, yes. I am going there. AND I am having awesome collaboration help with Jasmine and some friends of mine.

You can just imagine how we're literally BURSTING with ideas, texting each other 24/7, and Jose rolling his eyes constantly. Could I be any luckier to have such an awesome soon-to-be sister?!

Let's just say.. I am taking madhatter to another level! Here is my inspiration:

I didn't realize madhatter could be so chic

Gwen Stefani... oh you are beautiful

Another, lovely, "chic" take on Alice found here...

And last... as a true wed planner (currently, NOT forever! ;), I have my center piece inspiration found here:

Alright my Atlanta girls.... this is my warning to start planning! ;)

*sigh* my head is full! ... and happy :)

2 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    Woo hoo!! Sounds exciting!

  2. magz Says:

    OMG!!! I'm loving ur idea...i love halloween...its one of my favorite times of the year...Eduardo says its cuz its the only time of year i get to b like you r gonna have a blast..cant wait to c pictures!!