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Exactly one year ago today I was packing for a trip to Savannah, GA. Little did I know that this "mini vacation" would become the day Jose Vidal, JR asked me to marry him :)

Before I left my house, I will admit that I secretly lifted my left hand to the mirror and looked at it, with me smiling. "What if?" All of my friends gave me those "It's gonna happen!!!" grins when I mentioned the trip. But... you know, you can't admit that you also thought that because -- what if you're wrong? So I made myself not think about it. Er, at least force myself to consciously not think about it.

I am in awe of how this year just went by. The scary part is that in the blink of an eye, the actual wedding will be here. And then, the more weddings I go to, the more I realize how QUICK those things go by too! All that planning, for what seems like instant moments that have come and gone.

The best part? I remember that weekend in Savannah feeling like a week in another country. I would stare and stare at my ring, take pictures, non-stop smiling, and think "Crap, I can't be one of those girls." Not an engaged girl -- that's fine. I'm talking about balancing the line of "I'm engaged" and "I'M ENGAGED!! HELLOOOOOOO WORLD!!" But seriously, what else can you be when the person you love has just made this decision that you ARE that person he wants to spend the rest of his best, worst, craziest, funniest, weirdest, most raw days of his life with you? YES, you shout it to the world. Get your love on, girl.

When the music was playing in the boat the moment before he proposed is when I first started to silently cry. One of those cries that your throat is lumping and you're trying to keep it together, you're not shaking, but you're blinking your eyes repeatedly, then suddenly a tear betrays you and slides down your cheek. I stared at the sun, listened to Billie Holiday, and felt the boat rock me. I didn't care if he was going to propose anymore, because the fact that someone loved me so much to do all of this for me... well, that didn't need a ring. He had already told me he wanted me to be that girl. His girl. His hey-lets-do-this-forever, yeah? Yeah, that girl...

And so he proposed. October 11, 2008.
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    I love this shot!!!!