Imaginale Design
I mentioned before that I think I want my ring bearer to wear a bow tie. After seeing this little cutie -- well, there is NO QUESTION!!

Freaking Etsy. You can find just about your whole wedding there...
4 Responses
  1. Jenn Says:

    I LOVE etsy! That's where I've gotten some ideas from. I even found a little shop where I'm going to get my invitations and save the dates. We're printing them ourselves but she's designing them and her fee?......less than $50 dollars!

  2. Kristin Says:

    Etsy is my mecca and that is SO adorable!

  3. Meghan Says:

    Love it! I wanted to have my nephew wear a bowtie in my wedding, but they messed up and got him a tie instead, like the groomsmen. It actually turned out to be pretty cute, but I do love bowties on little boys!

  4. Ale Says:

    Jenn-- that is AMAZING!! I can't wait to see them! What a steal!

    Kristin- Haha, mecca is a good word ;)

    Meghan- I do think little boys and ties are really cute, so at least the difference isn't bad!