Imaginale Design
Remember I was thinking about this for my veil? (Keep in mind, I plan on adding a flower similar to this)

Well now she came out with this one and I think I am in love!! It's a little more expensive, but that's because it's not just the fabric. This would change my plans of putting a flower in my hair since the veil has the embroidered flowers. However, I feel more attracted to the volume of this veil...

What do you think?!?! Please vote!! The 1st or 2nd?!
6 Responses
  1. Lenora Says:

    I'm torn, because I think I prefer the second veil, but I love the idea of real flowers in hair. So, I like #2, but if what you really want is the volume of the second veil, minus the embroidery so you can use your own flower(s), I'm sure the seller would custom make that for you.

  2. Ellen Says:

    Ditto everything Jenna just said!

  3. fabs Says:

    The first one looks very simple. And the second one will definitely draw more attention because the flowers are so pretty and the veil itsel has more volume.

    I think you have to see what looks better with the shape of your face. Also, see which one looks better with your dress. Is your dress going to be very detailed? Or simple and elegant? If it's simple, maybe you want to go with the simple veil so as to follow a theme. Or vice versa. Whatever looks best to your eyes.

    Also, I would want the color of the flowers to match my dress.

    Just some thoughts.

    Ahhh! You must be so excited! :)

  4. Meghan Says:

    Number 2!! It's so pretty. Also, If you wanted to keep the flower you wore in your hair with veil one, you would have to pay to have it preserved. But the flower in Veil two will not grow old and yuck, and the volume in that is what you prefer!

  5. Jenn Says:

    Question, does the 2nd veil detach from the flowers? If not, will you wear the veil throughout your reception? I like the idea of the first one, because you can take the veil off and still have the flowers in your hair. However, I like the look of the 2nd one. Either way I know you'll look beautiful!

  6. Ale Says:

    Here's the thing... I wasn't planning on putting a *real* flower in my hair. Don't judge me!! lol. I just want to be prepared with my flower piece so I plan on making it before hand.

    Fab-- My dress is very detailed, has lace, and is very Spanish looking. I am a little hesitant about the ivory color... but my dress is also ivory (just not sure if it's THAT ivory).

    Meghan & Jenn -- I'm with you. I like the look of the 2nd. What I can do is create a hair flower piece for me to wear for the reception (since I'll be taking off the veil). If you click on the photo of the 2nd veil, you will see that it's actually a fabric flower embroidery -- which makes it even more unique/beautiful to me.

    So scary! I feel if I take the plunge and it doesn't work out it's money down the drain. I will just have to find a local store with veils and ask if I can try my dress on with a veil similar to the russian birdcage (2nd).

    Thank you for the sweet and encouraging words girls! I TRULY cannot tell you how much it means to me to hear your advice. Thank you!