Imaginale Design

I haven't posted this on Facebook yet, but I wanted to share with you all... our wedding website!

If you don't personally know me, you'll get to hear about how Jose & I met, our pictures, and our wonderful wedding party :) And because I really liked today's photo for my 100 Days Challenge :)... a twirl to match my mood!

p.s. Try not to make fun of my stick figure drawings too much ;) My soon-to-be-sis wasn't around for help!
3 Responses
  1. Jessica R. Says:

    I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!! The music, the pictures, the narratives on how you two met!! I LOVE IT!! And you also included where you guys are registered...hmmm....wonder where you got that idea from, j/k. Honestly Ale as I was looking through the website, I couldn't help myself from having this huge smile. The wedding is down the corner and I'm soooooo happy for you!! ;)

  2. Jenn Says:

    GREAT work on the website, it's stunning! I love the pictures of you two, it's obvious....even to an outsider like me how much in love the two of you are!

  3. Ale Says:

    Thank you Jessica & Jenn!

    Gosh, this whole planning has been more incredible than I expected and I'm not referring to the DIY stuff either. I've never felt so embraced and such a strong support from the community and people around me. I can't thank y'all enough!