Imaginale Design
I forgot where I came across Spoonflower, but what is so cool about them is that you can actually SUBMIT a design and they print it on fabric!!

These are designs some people submitted:

Speaking of fabric, one of the components to my centerpiece is a fabric square in the center. In order to save money, I am using a white tablecloth, but adding splashes of color via napkins (red) and center piece fabric (teal). My inspiration came from Nadia's wedding featured on OnceWed:

Notice how under all of the gorgeous floral arrangements is a square fabric?

This goes to show that you can still save money using a white tablecloth, but make it come alive by using centerpiece fabrics. Nadia purchased these at Anthropologie and sold them to me after the wedding :) However, since yellow is such a dominant color of that fabric, I am using them for my guestbook table and purchasing these for my reception tables:

If you are a bride looking to do something similar, I highly recommend Amy Butler! That woman has it going on. If I was good at sewing & upholstery, I would be hooked on her fabric. There are so many people that have done gorgeous pillows, sofas, aprons, and tons of other things with her fabric. Check her out.

I decided to go with this teal and the design "acanthus" because I love the floral image and the shades of teal. Unfortunately there are no places in Atlanta that sell THIS particular design! I am stuck having to order online and hopefully that will not be too much of a headache.

And this is why Amy wins...

Talk about amazing design.

Stay tuned! I'll be posting the Save-the-Date tutorial soon. Just gotta get all my screen shot images set up ;)

OH! And guess what? My fiance's family came in town this past weekend and I do believe we figured out how to make the infamous brooch bouquet! Or at least one way of doing it :) I'll post pictures of that too!
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  1. Jenn Says:

    Gorgeous! I love the patterns. Ooh, I can't wait to hear how you are going to make your brooch bouquet. A couple of weekends ago, I made one of my Christmas presents from Taylor into a necklace. I told him I wanted to wait to wear it until we take our engagement pictures, but a part of me is itching to wear it soon! I need to take pictures of it so I can blog about it! :)