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Maaaan, I love really great fabrics. I think this groom really nailed the whole "barn-Americana-retro" look.

By the way, during lunch I will finish working on the Save-the-Date tutorial. I have 1/3 of the draft typed out and can hopefully have it done by later today.

I don't want to open a can of worms (and I may hear a can opening right now...), but I keep chewing on the idea of the lack of diversity in the wedding blog world. I talked to my fiance about it yesterday and told him how an interracial couple was featured on A Practical Wedding and that there was a HUGE response of "finally!" or "yay!"

Now mind you, I am not here to discuss the "race" aspect (yet) -- but more of the business aspect. You know what gets you featured on the "big" wedding blogs? Your photography. You can have amazing little details, DIY, gorgeous dress, etc. -- but if your photography stinks, it will not represent your wedding well. Same with simple weddings -- you can have VERY little but gorgeously captured details -- and BAM! You are on. Obviously, the more unique (and more personalized details) -- the more likely you'll get featured. But that photography needs to be on point!

Speaking directly about the lack of African American/mixed couples featured on wedding blogs -- is it because there is less interest placed in photography? Because the bride can only do so much -- the photographer is the one "submitting" to these wedding blogs. Or are they submitting but not being published? I completely understand the disappointment because you can't necessarily "relate" to everything. I'm Latina and I'm not exactly represented either, BUT I have a "design" and "photography" mentality, so I relate more on the design rather than the personal aspect. Even then though, it's overwhelming because everything is so "perfect" and "ruffled" and "soft" and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

I wish I could hear everyone's opinion and thoughts -- but I have a feeling it might be too sensitive? What do you think? Cause seriously.... consider the photography business that is pretty much "directing/driving" the wedding blog world/business.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    There's the website "Chocolate Brides" that's focused on Black weddings/love/relationships and they've always got engagement and wedding photos from photographers, so it can't be that they're not submitting them.

    But Style Me Pretty always has that Jose Villa on, so maybe it's more about vendor relationships? Not sure.

    Then there's Amsale, who's a woman of color and designer of wedding gowns. All of her ads feature White ladies.

    Maybe it's just the business.

  2. Ale Says:

    Yeah, I'm referring especially to the "big" contenders like OnceWed & Style Me Pretty.

    Cause there are ethnically oriented blogs out there that will obviously cater to specific races/ethnicities/cultures -- but what about the ones that are "general" (and popular) wedding blogs?

    It would be great to see how many are actually *submitted* too though because that would really give us insight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Ellen Says:

    I've never noticed a lack of interracial or minority couples, but that's mainly because I don't look at wedding blogs :) I do, however, think you've done a great job with diversity when it comes to your photography blog!

    Also, I would imagine that the majority of couples are of the same race, so statistically speaking it makes sense not to see as many. Lastly, minorities tend to be poorer (please do NOT take this the wrong way - it's merely a sad but true fact), so perhaps many minorities simply can't afford to hire the top-notch photographers? Just a thought.

  4. Ale Says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ellen! I know sometimes we hesitate to speak them because it can be a sensitive subject. I really appreciate it.

    And thank you! I'm blessed to have a group of diverse friends so I've had more opportunities for sure.

    I'm not sure if it's financial (not affording a photographer) versus "cultural" (not interested in the photography but maybe more on ___ (food or DJ or venue or etc.). Does that make sense? Because as a person who does look at wedding blogs everyday, there is definitely a lack in the "BIG" blogs. But since photography is the MAIN component of getting featured, I wonder if it has to do more with lack of interest or lack of funds to enable great photography OR lack of the blogs publishing it.