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Last week I showed y'all what Jose and the groom's men are wearing. Today I will show you how Jasmine and I made the boutonnieres!


All of our materials were found at Michaels:
1) Accent flower
2) String of decorated blue beads
3) Pack of metallic blue leaves
4)Pack of feathers (with aqua & red -- no luck with teal feathers!)

Not in picture but still need:
-Silver wire
-Teal/blue ribbon (2 styles)
-1 pack of see-through leaves (found in scrapbooking section)

First, you cut about 5 inches of your wire:

And loop it around 3 beads to make them stand upright (remember to loop around each individual bead)

Like so

That will be used as an "accent."

Hot glue one end of your teal ribbon...

then wrap it around your accent flower & beads-stick, about 2 times.

After that, arrange your leaf and feathers, coordinating to your colors. I dabbed some hot glue on the feathers to stick to the leaves. I recommend finding different elements to make your colors pop (leaves, feathers, fabric cut leaves, buttons, etc.).

Then take a LITTLE bit more of your solid, teal ribbon and wrap it around your feather/leaf set and accent set:

Then finish it off with a little bit of a textured or patterned ribbon (in same color):

And these are my boutonnieres!

I chose that accent flower because a lot of my wedding has "ruffles" for that Spanish element. Plus, it will stand nicely against the gray suits and the beads just make it a little quirky. I love the leaves because they look somewhat delicate. What do you think??
6 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    Very funky and cool! I love them because they are so unique. Not too feminine either. The guys in my wedding had to wear pale pink roses. Only Tom's was white. Hahahaha. poor guys. =)

    ps-I think I forgot to comment, but I like the suits y'all picked for the guys!. =)

  2. wow that is just too gorgeous. you guys did a great job, they really look professional!

  3. Lenora Says:

    I think they look awesome! You should get Jose to add those to your photoshop of the groomsmen's outfits.

  4. Jessica R. Says:

    They look amazing!! They will look awesome against the suits!!

  5. Ale Says:

    Thank you girls!!

    Jenna -- I already threw the idea out there to Jose :) But I guess since I also know photoshop, I have no excuse :P

    And it actually wasn't too hard to make once Jasmine and I tested things out with materials I already had.

  6. Love it! I am getting married in Ocotber and am using aqua and red, too. I just made my own boutonnieres, too! Fun!