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So I mentioned that Jose's parents were coming into town this past week and today, sadly, they left.

In just these past few days we have: gone swimming, deboned a chicken (Err.. Mama Nels did most, but I paid attention), traveled down the Apache trail IN THE CRAZY rain, ate ice cream that contained some cactus plant, went to farmer's market, drank veggie juice that tasted like "The Earth" (i.e. dirt) from the market, watched lots of TV, ate LOTS of homemade salsa, made Jose's dad taste tofu (and might consider dis-owning me as part of the family since Mama Nels is going to try it out in Russellville now), AND... discovered Jeggings.

Have you heard of such things?

Jeggings are LEGGINGS styled to look like
denim jeans. I had seen them at Dillards one time and put them down after I saw they were $30. I figured I might as well get REAL jeans for that price. Then last week I saw my salsa instructor wearing them, and since I've been wearing leggings a lot here (FORGET about jeans in the desert!), I was really craving some.

As we're spending quality time watching TV (didn't you know that's the best way to bond?), Jose's mom asks me if I've "heard of those things called jeggings?" I tell her how I've been wanting some and she proceeds to say: "Well, they just showed a commercial that Wal-Mart has them for 6 bucks."

Wait. 6 bucks?! Okay, I'm a huge fan of Ross, but I have to admit I don't ever look at clothes when I'm at Walmart. But... SIX DOLLARS... I had to investigate. Plus, can you REALLY mess up leggings?!

Fast forward to us driving to the Apache trail when Mama Nels announces: "Hey! I need to go by Walmart." My eyes light up because I immediately remember the jeggings. However, we decide to first go through the 3-hour Apache trail that ends up being SIX hours due to a sudden MONSOON attack. But you know my big mouth STILL brings up Walmart when we're on the highway. Ridiculous! The rain is literally lunging itself at the cars, making it hard to see, but y'all don't know how sweet Jose's mom is. She says "Oh yeah! Walmart -how do I get there?" and I re-route us to Walmart on the gps, while Jose's dad says "Um... we don't need to go to Walmart right now in this weather." Mama Nels waves her hand and says "Naaaah, we're fine" -- she is also the one driving so she gets more say :)

Where was Jose in all of this? ASLEEP! YES!! Cause you know if he was awake he'd convince his mom that this was not a good idea. I silently prayed that the rain would calm down near our exit, and it DID! Since it was still pouring, they decided to drop Jose and I off while they waited in the car. We went to pick up what we actually needed for that night's dinner and I stopped Jose right as we walked by the clothes. "Don't hate me, but I HAVE to see these jeggings your mom was talking about." Jose rolls his eyes and because he loves me agrees to let me try some on quickly. Unfortunately I had my bathing suit under, so the bulging knots on the side of my bottoms was not giving me the best image.

Turns out they are actually
FIVE dollars. I go ahead and buy them and guys.. I LOVE THEM!!! On the rack they don't look that cute, but it's completely different ON. The weird thing is that I can't pull off skinny jeans (make my legs look even skinnier), but I THINK these look good on me. You can lie to me :P

I am such a bargain hunter that I had to show you my outfit for today.

The jeggings with my highlighter yellow nail polish (also bought at Walmart).
Disclaimer: I'm not saying my nail polish is cute... that's an experiment lol.

No fancy photos. Just my iphone. This was so hard to take without distorting my legs using the camera phone. Jose's not home so it's just me!

My Ross shirt that I got for $12!! Love the back!!

My Lola Red belt from Goodwill for $3

The awkward cell phone photo of my outfit ;)

And that's my $20 outfit!

Pathetic. I was so excited about these jeggings I made a whole post about it, haha. Remember to wear these like leggings and not skinny jeans. Leggings are similar to panty hose -- they hug your curves and you probably want to wear the waist band ON your waist (and not hips like skinny jeans). Otherwise you might have curves in unwanted places.

Feel free to share any amazing finds you've had :) Happy Friday!!

4 Responses
  1. Lenora Says:

    Jeggings are also more commonly just REALLY skinny skinny jeans, usually with a lighter weight denim. I actually like them because they're a little less painful to wear than traditional skinnies (tight regular weight jeans=squished skin), and if you buy designer jeans, they're not so incredibly long. I still mostly wear them under boots, though. If you've got hips, pants that taper at the legs just aren't flattering unless you want to look like a funnel. And leggings in general are just too, um, informative to the general public for my taste.

  2. Ale Says:

    YES! Under boots! That is going to look so good in the winter. That's also a great point to make if you have a pear shape. Widens the tapered bottom so it's not quite as "funnely."

    PLUS, I HAVE to add a thin belt on my waist when I wear long shirts because I'm short and my shape will be lost if I don't define it.

    Haha... okay, so these jeggings CAN be a bit informative if you're not careful around the girlie. Which is typically the case with ANY soft, *tight* fabric. But these are super comfy, and you should always have your goodies covered with a long top, or a skirt/shorts.

  3. Lenora Says:

    Oh, and I also went through a bottle of yellow nailpolish in middle school. It was from a line at Bath and Body Works that was scented--I forget the exact name of the scent; it's been long discontinued, but maybe Happy Daisy? I loved it until my mom said, "It looks like you have toenail fungus." Thanks, Mom.

  4. Ale Says:

    Hahaha. Aww, man. Toe-nail fungus. Actually, they reminded me of those girls who used to use white-out for nail polish when I first put it on (it was SO bright). I felt a bit silly at first, but once I started wearing certain outfits, it grew on me. Like fungus.