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It's a three hour difference from Arizona to Atlanta, where a lot of my friends live, so I had to post this "I PROMISE IT'S COMING" post.

I said I was finishing the hair story, and I am, but I got home pretty late after bible study tonight and had to start working on an inspiration board for a last minute photoshoot. AND after working for only an hour -- it was suddenly almost midnight! I didn't realize how late it was and I have to wake up early for a photoshoot tomorrow.

I had planned to type up the post tonight so you could have it in the morning, but -- well, I need to sleep and you KNOW I can't type the "finale" in just 30 minutes :( Curses for talking too much!

If I end the shoot early tomorrow, I will type it when I get home! Either way, keep your eyes peeled and make sure you've read part 1 and 2. Noches!

p.s. Has anyone heard of the show The Colony on The Discovery Channel? Jose watched an episode on his laptop while I was working on my inspiration board and that show is C-R-A-Z-Y. Not to mention I can NOT handle watching people throw up, so you can imagine how I jumped out of my seat when they started showing that. Thieves, rotten pigs, pepper spray, robberies, milk poured on eyes... and my husband is loving it. Seriously. He had to stop himself from watching a second episode. Anyway! Just some random thoughts to see if anyone out there shares his feelings or mine. Haha :)
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