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I just limped towards my laptop and I'm pretty sure the bottoms of my feet are SWOLLEN.

Jose and I met some people through his tennis tournament who invited us to play sand volleyball tonight. I had dance practice which ended late, but we headed out to the game anyway because it had only been about 30 minutes. I liked the idea of playing barefoot... until it started feeling like I was playing on a nail filer!!

I was already wearing band aids from dance cuts, and now I could feel the sand just grating against the arch of my foot. On top of that, I REALLY like playing volleyball and I was throwing my body left and right. Usually when I work out really intensely I won't feel the soreness/exhaustion until the next day. Ummm, so much for that! I feel like my arms can't even type and definitely feel the pain now!

I have some exciting news but will have to share it tomorrow because I'm going to bed! However, I wanted to let those who read this blog to prepare for the move. Yep! I'm going to transition my wedding posts on to my Imaginale Design Blog so that I don't neglect this blog. I'm not deleting this blog -- heck, I wish I could type it on my photography one and have it publish here too! What I'm basically doing is no longer publishing the NEW posts here and instead on Imaginale Design. So make sure you subscribe to Imaginale Design because there will be lots of stuff going on there :) I've got lots STILL to share about the wedding, so get ready for the move! Don't worry... I'll post reminders on here, but wanted to give you the head's up once I'm finished transferring all the posts.
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