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SO! I have decided that while keeping Word Documents of my ideas is helpful, I constantly come across some really creative tips and resources for my future wedding that a Word Document just can't do justice. Plus, I need input from my girls :)

A girl has dreamed about this all of her life. I, fortunately, have a year and a half to plan... my dream wedding.

What is the first thing we think about? DRESSES! I am specifically looking for something that will accent my small waist, but BOOST my hips. I promise I have them... but they could use a little help from the dress ;)

Okay, there are TWO styles I like which I have named... the Spanish Flair or Delicate Love. I think my favorite designer so far is Jim Hjelm. The first dress you see is a representation of Spanish Flair and the other is the Delicate Love.

These are my top two and they inspire my style. The following are dresses that give either the Spanish Flair or Delicate Love.....

Spanish Flair
Alvina Valenta


#3 #4

Delicate Love

Tara Keely

#1 #2

Alivna Valenta

My favorites: For Delicate Love I chose (this does not include the 2 Jim Hjelm fav's): #2 & #4 but with a much much longer train. For Spanish Flair I chose #1 with a LONGER train too! BUT I really also like #4... with my hair in messy curls and a flower on the side.

Let me know your favorite! Ideas for brides maid dresses will be next! :)
10 Responses
  1. Natalia Says:

    i like the very first pic. its different!

  2. Natalia Says:

    from spanish flair i like Pic 3.

  3. Natalia Says:

    From delicate love i like 1 and 4!
    I think any of these styles would look amazing on you!!!!

  4. Ale Says:

    thank you! :P Yeah, the Spanish Flair #3 has really pretty patterns on the skirt. I just want to make sure to have a some-what long train to still keep it a bit "traditional."

  5. Alisa Says:

    I love them all!!!I can't choose tear tear you are going to be so beautiful LS!!!

  6. Kravey Says:

    my absolute favorite is the first pic of "delicate love".
    I wish I had done a dress like this for my wedding.

    a) the sleeves are adorable! just enough to make it different (i HAD to have some sleeves on my dress because i didn't want to spend my whole wedding day tugging at my dresses are heavy)

    b) this one just screamed to me your personality of fun and romance!

    c) i think this one encapsulates the style you presented in your original word docs

    i will say every single one of these is beautiful and with you in it -- GORGEOUS. don't have to be :) <3 Kristen T.

  7. kitty j Says:

    Oi, girl these dresses are amazing, I love them! Though I have to say my favorite ones are:
    The first Delicate Love at the top, so elegant, and I can totally see you working a awesome hairstyle with those flower hair pieces you told me about with this one.
    I also like #3 of the Spanish flare ones. so pretty, I love the details!!
    #1 of the Delicate Love, so soft and sleek, clean, and gorgeous. Awesome

  8. Kira Says:

    I actually like the Tara Keelys the best... especially #1. But I am also a bit scared of excessive ruffles.

  9. Meghan Says:

    For Spanish Flare, I like the top of #3 the most and the bottom of #4 the most. For Delicate Love...OOOh I love #4!! =)

  10. Jessica R. Says:

    Hey Chica!! Thank you so much for adding me onto your blog!! I am honored!! I absolutely love the delicate love dress!! You will def. be elegant and I picture it with the flower and hair style already(i'm feeling #2 and #7). As far as the color scheme goes, I'm definately impressed!! Very nice!! However, in terms of decorations and invitations, they are usually found in 3 colors. It makes it much easier when you stick to 2 to 3 colors unless you want to stick to a warm or cold color theme. Another thing that you may want to keep in mind is that the flower that you pick can match with your bouquet and even decorations. And another tidbit of information.....which may be too soon is that if you are watching your budget, try to use flowers that are from that particular season, that way you don't have import them far away. Once again, these are only suggestions and ideas that I'm throwing out there. By no means do I want you to feel that I'm shooting down your ideas. Take care chica and thanks again for letting me be on here!!