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I'm pretty ridiculous about hair. Not everyone feels this way, but I view it as an "ensemble" -- dress, hair, and make up. Without a doubt I will be putting flower(s) in my hair. The Jim Hjelm Delicate Love picture I posted (here's a reminder):

THAT is the hair style I am going for. Now, what about the flower? Some of these inspirations came from Chelsea at Oh My Deer and other Etsy members. Their work is so impressing! So, I put together a collage of hair styles with the "flowers." Jose (who has not seen these pictures) commented on his dis-like of the short veils (as seen on #1 and #3). I'm not against it because I feel that would add the "vintage" look to my dress! What do you think?

I like #1 and I love the color of the deep red on #4 -- which would look great with a Spanish Flair style dress. Then again #2 is more classic and would look great with the Delicate Love look.

COLOR SCHEME!!! Okay, I'm sorry, but I'm so excited about this. Keep in mind, this is not exactly permanent but I absolutely love the color teal. The color scheme is...

Deep red, teal, dusty gray, ivory and dark brown.

The teal will be the BRIGHT summer color, and the deep red will add a Spanish flair. This might sound like a lot of colors, but the teal and the red are the only colors that stand out, while the ivory/charcoal/brown will blend in for sophistication. And for your taste... here are the colors together!

Jose and I were even considering having the guys wear a dark charcoal gray color with a teal tie.For the girls… charcoal would be too dark of a summer color so I’m leaning towards a teal colored dress to match the guy’s tie. Remember.. NOT AQUA. A sophisticated teal. However, I have found some really pretty red dresses too.

Yay or Nay on the color scheme..?
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  1. Ellen Says:

    Eek! Your blogs are getting me so excited!!

    Okay, so for my opinions on the hairstyles. I agree with Jose and I don't like the short veils (I think it reminds me too much of fishnet stocking or something). But I LOVE #2, #4, #5, and #7!!

    For your color scheme...I love teal and red (when I get married, everything will be red!!), but I'm having a hard time picturing all of the colors together.

  2. kitty j Says:

    OK....girl....You and chico are going to be getting my mind on side trips with all these elements.... just so many options, I'm glad you
    have such a good head start! lol Alright now to the matter at hand.

    Short veils, I don't care for them too much but I see your point, they would make for a great vintage feel. I like the way #3 looks but I think #1 is a bit too short...I think they look better if they cover at least your forehead and both eyes (like the inverse of when people use fans to cover the bottom of their face).

    As for the hair pieces themselves I love the flowers of #1,2,3, & 4.

    Now for the color scheme...I like the idea of such soft colors with the wham of the red, I can just imagine the awesome pics. that can be taken with just a spot of red accentuating here and there. Awesome idea. I also love ivory and charcoal but the only color I'm not able to pull into the idea is the brown. I could only see it used in very small details maybe...but overall its just not clicking with me. *Shrug* back to the veils. I did a little piddling to see what a short and long veil would look like with that one dress..

    (I couldn't get it to link in :( phu).
    So yeah, I got a bit distracted and instead of doing my homework :p....but I think if you got a, I guess you would call it a medium veil,it would look nice with the Delicate love dresses and vice versa...I also tried the pop of red on that one to see how it would look LOL. Dude I would've done it with the others but I really need to write my paper now LOL.

    So yeah....lovely stuffins...:D

  3. Jenna Says:

    I like long veil, over your face. Of course, then you have the decision of leaving it down until your dad pulls it back to kiss you or leaving it until Jose kisses you. I think if you do something lightweight that's not super stiff, it won't hurt the flowers in your hair. You could maybe do some more to the side, like in the one picture, then some more at the crown, so that you see flowers in either veil position.

    I like the color scheme, but teal kind of scares me. I'm remembering all of my cousins' late 80s, early 90s teal bridesmaid dresses. But I like the red better as an accent color, like with flowers, etc., so it'll probably be fine. Teal's also a color that'll probably look good on people with different sorts of coloring (I'm STILL bitter about the fuchsia dress from my uncle's wedding.).