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Okay. Jose and I are in the middle of talking with a caterer. The location we are in love with requires that you choose from a list of 6 catering companies. We can't decide if we will go with this venue until we find out how much the catering will cost.

I absolutely LOVE the menu that the company Dagar's has put together. This is how it is broken down:

Cocktails (2) = marinated bacon wrapped quail, pineapple rum shrimp [Served by OUNCES, not a single shrimp p/person].

Entrees (2) = Herb Roasted Pork Loin w/2 sauces to chose from or Molasses Grilled Beef Tenderloin w/a garlic horseradish sauce.

Companions (2) = Gorgonzola & Leek Mac & Cheese (leek is like a veggie), Marinated and grilled veggies

Bread & Butter (2) = Yeast Rolls, Cheddar Black Pepper Rolls, whipped butter, and red chile butter

MMMM! Here is the predicament. If we choose to NOT have cocktails at our wedding (which I wasn't even planning to in the first place) ... it reduces the price to $900 less. HOWEVER, if we only have ONE entree, it would reduce the price by $2,000. That is a LOT of money saved. When she said one entree, I immediately felt "eeek.. I don't know about this."

Jose and I have been talking about this for 45 minutes and need a tally. I believe that if we offer a variety with the cocktails (quail and shrimp for 150 people) and one entree for 150 people, that it is worth saving the $2K. Jose's hesitation is that the non-beef eaters won't have much to choose from if a lot of people eat up the cocktails. However, I argue that if someone doesn't like beef... they are less likely to want pork instead. Non-beef eaters usually don't like meat at all or just like chicken.

Jose and I can have BEEF and CHICKEN as our entree and no cocktails. OR we can have a beef entree, and 2 other cocktail servings AND they still have plenty of veggies and maccaroni to choose from.

Both of our families eat beef (literally ALL of them.. that means 80% of our guests are beef eaters). I know not all of my friends eat beef, but those who don't eat beef are either vegetarian or don't eat pork either. I feel that we can satisfy everyone with a beef entree, and a selection of cocktails to choose from, and the few veggetarians with the veggies and pasta. In the end, that's $2K less. BUT, if you guys think that having 2 entrees instead of a cocktail option is a better idea... then we would go with that.

We are not making any decisions right now, but we need other people's input because we don't know if it's worth having only one entree. I feel like you can't satisfy each person individually, but what is the best overall? In the end, you are still going to offer an entree to each person. Is it worth $2K to limit an additional entree? I don't know... part of me says yes, but the other part is hesitant... so please help! Let me know your thoughts!!!
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  1. Ellen Says:

    Definitely go with the two cocktails and the beef entree. I think you're probably right when you say that people who don't like beef probably won't like other meats (take me for example! I don't like beef or chicken or shrimp! But, I do love mac & cheese and veggies, so I will still have something to eat). So that way you're saving a TON of money without really missing anything important!!

    Oh, and I totally saw someone wearing teal today with a red coat and immediately fell in love with your color scheme! I love the pop of red with teal!

  2. Ale Says:

    So far it is a total of 6 people who have said go with one entree (2 ppl from work, Kristen, Jose's mom, Jasmine, and you).

    Jose says I'm just a persuasive talker. Pfft :P

    Yay on the color scheme! I'm glad you saw a good version and not some ugly version that turned you away from it lol. When I have a chance this week/end I will hopefully collect pics w/that color scheme of wedding stuff. We'll see.

  3. Meghan Says:

    Tom says do whatever saves the most money. And we are both beef lovers, so I'm guess that we aren't the least biased people. haha But I think you will be fine with saving $2000 dollars and offering variety in the other stuff: shrimp, veggies, bread, mac & cheese. People will find something they like. You need to worry about what you can afford. It will be nice no matter what. The people going out to Texas for your wedding are going because they love yall, not because they want a selection of meats. haha

  4. J_S Says:

    I say, save the 2k! This you you still feed the carnivores and get the vegetarians something to nibble on. You have your bases covered.

  5. J_S Says:

    I say, save the 2k! This way you still feed the carnivores and get the vegetarians something to nibble on. You have your bases covered.