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So I am no longer a wedding dress virgin. Ha. I tried on a wedding dress for the FIRST time in my life this past weekend! As my subject line describes, I could've been there all day!

My favorite designer Jim Hjelm was having a trunk show at Wedding Angels Boutique and I reserved a spot for Jonelle (recently engaged) and I. We got an hour to try on 5 dresses with a specialist who would help you in suggestions and keeping track of what dresses you loved/hated.

Alas, while I will not post pictures of me in the dresses (thank you Meghan for photographing!!) in fear of Jose finding this, I will post the picture of the top two dresses. BUT, before I do that... my awesomely talented FSIL (future-sis-in-law) Jasmine created 2 veil styles on one of the models for me, so I could get an idea of the short vs. longer veil look. Tada...

I have decided that I prefer the longer veil after all. Actually, I think I will want mine even longer than that one in the back.. Question: Should I keep the veil in FRONT of my face like Jasmine is displaying here? Or since I'm putting a flower in my hair, do the behind-your-face veil? I love the idea of walking down the isle with the veil in front of my face. Reminds me of the intro to "The Newlyweds" with Jessica Simpson and her gorgeous wedding dress and veil in front of her face.

Either way, I think a really long one will give it a traditional look that I love. My dress will be different but I want the train and veil to be dramatic and traditional. Plus, he will pull the veil back when we have our first "married" kiss :) :) I'll have time to show off the flower at the reception.

ALRIGHT! While trying on the dresses was an AMAZING experience, I realized that 4 of the dresses I tried on had the Delicate Love style, and only one in the Spanish Flair style. Ironically, the favorite of them all.... was the SPANISH FLAIR! I have to admit... I was surprised. First I will show you the top choice from Delicate Love that I tried on and loved. These are by Anjolique.

I don't think you can see the brioche on the side of the dress. It's beautiful. It was nicely fitted, elegant, flattering, and had the vintage style.

BUT, then I tried on this last dress and the girls, including myself, all gasped. Unfortunately, when I looked up the dress online - it gives it NO justice. The stupid website didn't even have the full length picture of the front! Oh well, you might see the real thing IF this is the dress. It's too early to tell yet ;) This is Joli Bridal by the way.

Notice the front ripples slightly going up to the side of her waist? My idea is to make that even more noticeable, by bunching them closer to her waist. That will give it more of a dramatic waist line (like the Spanish Flair original I posted by JH) AND add a vintage brioche to hold it together like the dress up there. Kind of like this Anjolique dress (that dramatic, bunched, side with a brioche idea):

Again, seeing the Joli dress (our favorite) online I would have disregarded it. However, putting things "on" is a completely different story. I am looking forward to my next "dress" experience because I will try out more of these styles. I only tried ONE style like that and absolutely loved it. Who knows what I could find if I tried more on. Also -- this one ended up being the only non-silk one = cheapest. The price was amazing!

Finally. I've shared these ideas with some, but not everyone. I'm planning on having my ceremony outdoors (hopefully), so instead of having a guest book to sign, I am going to hang a laundry line between 2 trees. Stay with me here. THEN I'm going to have clothes pins holding some hearts. In the middle of the laundry line, I'll have a table set up under it with a stack of paper hearts, tons of markers, and colors. I will have my guests write their note on the heart, decorate it, then hang it on the clothes line :) Apparently quite a few people have done this in their wedding for other things like table placements or decoration.

This photo was taken by Red Photo Co. of a couple who had pictures of their PARENTS' wedding hanging up!! I love it!

Speaking of photos. You know me, my wedding will have photos as SOME piece of art somewhere. Here's my idea of WHERE:

Instead of typical table numbers, I was thinking about taking a picture of my ADORABLE little cousin David in a suit with his shirt messily tucked in, pockets bulging with toys, and a chocolate covered mouth (something with this feel). Then I'd have him hold up a white piece of paper and he could be sticking his tongue out, look exhausted/annoyed/cute, or be jumping -- whatever. I would take this picture into photoshop and make 30+ copies, placing numbers on the white paper he was holding (1-30+ ...however many tables we have). Then on each table I'd have a mini canvas and I would put the picture of David holding their table number :) Here are some kid pictures from Marmalade Photography (amazing child photography!!) and a mini canvas so you can get a better idea. BTW- I seemed to only find fun ones of little girls, which is fine because I have some precious little girls in my family.

(but happier little girls :) If I did something like the umbrella or stair shot, I would probably have a piece of paper fallen on the ground in the corner of the photo, then photoshop the numbers afterwards. I want the overall feeling of the photo to feel FUN and kid-like.

That's it! Gotta get back to work!

4 Responses
  1. Jenna Says:

    I'm thinking I should reserve judgment on dresses until I've seen you in them, because to me, the one you guys gasped over would be completely overwhelming on you, since you're so petite. It looks fussy and heavy in the pictures.

    Of course, I'm generally opposed to ruffles, so you know which direction I'm going to lean. :-p Besides, the more simple, the more classic it'll be. You're going to be looking at these pictures for a LONG time.

  2. Ellen Says:

    I definitely like the long veil best! I'm not sure if I prefer the veil being in front or in back...I'll admit though that I love the idea of the guy having to lift the veil in order to kiss his bride. So romantic!

    And I really want to see pictures of you trying on dresses!! Spanish Flair is definitely my favorite, but I also understand Jenna's concern with it "overpowering" your petite stature.

    Oh, and I love your idea about the clothesline and the pictures of your cousin. I think it's creative, which reflects your personality, so I vote yes on both of those!

  3. Meghan Says:

    The clothesline is a cute idea! But I would have a back up, just in case it rains. Like, have a scrapbook for people to put their hearts in instead of the clothesline, as an indoor option.

    As for the veil, I definitely love long veils. The only thing to me about it is that when he lifts it, your maid (or matron, since you'll have both) need to be sure to fix it after the kiss, because it tends to get messed up, which you will notice in the pictures. I debated this as well and ultimately decided the veil wouldn't go in front for me.

    Also, if you are going to have a dramatic veil, having flowers at the same time will either distract from it or maybe even mess them up during the putting and taking out of the veil. I would wait to put the flowers in until after the ceremony if I were you. That is what Kristen Thompson had me do at her reception for her, and it did great. I also saw that in the wedding video I told you about. Here it is:

  4. J_S Says:

    OK. I am a little late in responding so this might be a little long. I love the veil in front of the face for the same you reason you stated, the romantic lift for the first kiss.

    I am absolutely in love with the spanish flair style. I think with the flower (hair) on the side it will be beautiful with this dress.

    I love the clothesline idea. Have you considered using some kind of fabric for people to write on? This way you could sew something with these pieces, like a small quilt or something of that sort. Maybe even frame them separately to form one large image - 'pieces of good wishes' or 'the fabric of our life' (cheesy I know).

    You can also give these to your children one day. As you can tell,I love love this idea.