Imaginale Design
*drum roll* And now... most of you have seen the unveiling of my new business -- Eidetic Candy!!

Basically, the idea is that I will turn any quality photograph into a vector image. A vector, in layman terms, is a ... cartoon! To sum it just, I turn THIS:

into THIS! -->

Since I sent this to my sorority first, I ended up getting so many orders that I had to hold off posting it on Facebook. I've recently received more orders so if you want to do one before Valentine's -- I have 3 spots left!! Otherwise, if you're not in a rush -- order when you'd like :) :)

Anyway, it's been pretty incredible how this has turned from a vector image into people contacting me to design a logo or t-shirt graphic for them! I love it! Although it takes up SO much time :( I'm going to have to take a break or charge more at some point lol. T-shirt graphics and logos are more expensive, however, because they take up like 4 days to create.

Support my new business and buy yourself or someone you love a vector! It will be fun to see yourself as a cartoon and print it out :)
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