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I am SO sorry I've been slacking on the posts this month! I have a big announcement --- I started my own small business!

I will post the details on here later and on facebook. I can't at the moment because I'm still tied up with some of the projects and want to be done before I get more clients. I can't wait to share though :)

But guess what I DO have?! A special preview of the engagement photos Jose and I did in Alabama with his sister!! Y'all know me and how much I love playing dress up. I had my ideas and knew that Alabama and Jasmine could fulfill them, lol. I will not be posting the album on facebook for probably another week or so, BUT I wanted to share a sneak preview with my readers! Enjoy!!

(Remember to click the photo to enlarge :)

Getting ready for the next shoot!

That's it! :)
4 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    Well it's about time! I LOVE your engagement pictures, and I especially like your different outfits - they're so cute!

  2. fabssss Says:

    goofy! :) seems like you guys are perfect for each other.

  3. Meghan Says:

    Love these pictures! And love you! Miss you!

  4. kitty j Says:

    Wow, I feel so behind. I had lost my link to this in my bookmarks, I'm so glad I finally found it. Anyway, I loved this two are my best models :D... Those faces you guys make are hilarious...<3