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This dress AND veil are so gorgeous they make me sick!

I NEED to find this veil. This gorgeous combination is by Monique Lhuillier and I'm sure the dress alone is more expensive than my ring! However, if I can just find at least the VEIL!

Here are some of her other dresses...

Disgustingly gorgeous! haha. Unfortunately when I looked on her website I felt that the other dresses did not compare..

Let's just say I'm glad I didn't settle for a dress at Filene's Basement!

Here's one last dress that caught my eye by Badgley Mischka -- no idea how to pronounce that one!

Photosource: Fasion Wire Daily

What do y'all think of this gray tux for Jose? Remember that one of my colors in my color scheme is a charcoal gray. I think it's complementary with a soft teal of the bridesmaids....

Till' next time! Happy Hump Day :)
4 Responses
  1. magz Says:

    i really like that gray tux color...but i think it also depends on your dress...u know some dresses are not completely white and the stones and sequence can make the dress seem another color...but i do like that gray color

  2. Meghan Says:

    I like the gray tux idea. I think it looks nice. You'd have to do gray on all the guys though. =)

  3. Ellen Says:

    I really love the last dress that you posted! I'm not a huge fan of the gray tux, but I do think it would blend in well with your color scheme.

  4. Sonjacharde Says:

    actually you wouldnt have to do the same color gray on the other guys. the groom and bride can stand out a little. so if you had a charcoal gray for jose and a heather gray for the grooms men that would look fine. remember that it is yoru wedding, so its okay if you AND jose both have on a little something special.