Imaginale Design
..With the selection of things on Etsy!!! I truly love looking at the creativity flowing out of people! It's inspiring :) I would like to feature YJdesigns on my blog today and REALLY think I will be buying one of her items!!

This one took my breath away:

Get this... only $38!!! That's a STEAL for a reception hair piece! PERFECT with my color scheme! Heck, if I would wear this during my rehearsal dinner if I don't get it for my reception piece! I really really really think I'm going to be purchasing it.

She even has one in red! :)

And remember I said I was considering wearing a birdcage veil to walk down the aisle? She has a beautiful one too!


Jose asked if he would be able to pull it back. Haha, aww -- but the thing is -- these don't cover your lips so people don't usually make them to be pulled back. He really likes the idea of pulling my veil back for our kiss, and so do I -- but sometimes you can't go with the flow. I dunno yet...

Okay, one of my favorite blogs recently is Vintage Glam Wedding. I mean, that is the epitome of my wedding theme... this "glammed" up Vintage theme with a zest of *Spanish*. Anyway, check out the BREATHTAKING earrings she wore on her wedding day....

I don't know if I told y'all this, but when I tried on the wedding dress that I yelled "THIS IS THE ONE!" -the lady ALSO put on a pair of earrings that I yelled "THESE ARE THE ONES!!" Hahaha. I get so giddy when I talk about this.

ANYWAY, her earrings remind me a LOT of the ones I tried on (didn't I tell you they're beautiful?!?) ... BUT hers have TEAL in them!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, the pair I tried on are more sparkly but have that very similar dramatic drop. Needless to say, before I purchase the earrings for $150 (*gulp*) -- I will keep an eye out for some that may actually have teal.

That's all for now! I'll try to post one more time before the week is over but it's a crazy weekend coming up with my fiance moving out for the summer :(
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  1. Sonjacharde Says:

    i like the idea of wearing the blue one during the actual wedding since youll have the teal earrings. you dont want to be to matchy matchy so it is something small. then you can go with the thinhs "new borrowed old blue." as for the veil, i think it would be fitting to have a pullback veil. i think it is more vintage-ish and would go with the theme well. although i do like both types of veils. =)