Imaginale Design
So I've been thinking about centerpieces and came across some GORGEOUS table decor...

I've divided it into sections:

Birdcage Style

This may sound kind of crazy, but I actually think if you decorated it just right -- it could look really good! For example...


Gorgeous huh?! And simple! Cheap too!

I wouldn't keep the flower pot inside of this one, but I love the cage itself!

I also LOVE this one! Would match the gold chivari chairs in my venue!! :)


Now this one but replaced w/my color scheme! Maybe some candles too..



Maybe with flowers?

Or this one filled with teal liquid & a floating candle?


Modern yet Simple

I couldn't find a better picture, but you get the idea. I don't think the picture does it justice. Imagine the candles light out in the courtyard tables -- beautiful!! Pretty sure I could create this one. PLEASE give me your opinion on this one in the comments -- I'm curious :)

HA! Nevermind.. found some!!

Love the lights, but probably less branches...



Pretty... but w/different flowers...


That one ^ resembles my past post that included this picture..

Another decoration that I WILL absolutely have are these capiz shell tea lights!!!


To give you an idea... this is a photo a girl took of the hall in my [VERY] potential venue.

Now imagine it lined up with TONS of capiz tea lights down the bar... sort of like this

(YES, my actual venue!! I LOVE this place! CLICK PHOTO TO MAKE BIG!)

And just to throw it in there, here is a picture this same girl took of the ladies' dressing room :)

Man, the photos are going to look AMAZING!!

Last... what do y'all think of this look? I LOVE the soft tones mixed with summer and a hint of vintage... (teal tie?! YES!!)

6 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    OMG, the more I see of your potential venue, the more in love I become with it! I love all of the pictures you posted of it! Also, I'm a huge fan of candles/light everywhere (my wedding will be full of them), so out of all of the centerpieces you posted, the one with the lights on the branches is my favorite. I just think it's so gorgeous! I also think the suit with the teal tie could definitely work.

  2. Sonjacharde Says:

    agree with helen on the suits. they add a suttle hint of color but still manly tasteful and elegant (in a manly way) at the same time. i think the bird cages go best with your spanish vintage theme. they can kind of "date" an event if you have the right accesories and deco. i also love the idea of the capiz lights. but you want to be careful you dont over do it so that it looks cluttered or over done.

  3. Jessica R. Says:

    I definately am loving the suit! Very nice and i am already picturing the teal tie and all. I like the centerpieces, the lights and the branches the best, but then again I have to agree with Sonja that the vintage look looks much better with the fancy bird cages. The capiz lights are awesome too!! I say stick to one to two things that run throughout the whole venue otherwise its going to be way too much. Oh yeah.... the venue is beautiful!!!

  4. Meghan Says:
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  5. Meghan Says:

    My faves are (in order they were posted):

    *The birdcage with flowers inside and coming out of it and soft lighting around it.

    *The mason jar with candles. Simple, yet pretty.

    *The tall centerpiece with branches and with the candles hanging from it. The one you said you'd do with different flowers.

    *The lighting you will do in your venue. BEAUTIFUL! I think it's so pretty the way it lights that hallway.

    *I like the colors of the suit that you included. It's a very beachy look. Check out
    It can give you more wedding ideas. The Not Wedding is basically a fake wedding and reception that allows brides to check out different vendors and clothing and a location. We had some friends in it as the "bride and groom" and one as a "groomsman". The "bridesmaids and groomsmen" wear bridal gowns and tuxes/suits, so that you can see gowns and suits to go with them in different themes.

  6. All decorations are really beautiful and gorgeours. The birdcage and flowers is good ensemble. Fanstic!!