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Okay, if I was my own bridesmaid and had to select an awesome dress... I would to go LuLu's!!! These are gorgeous dresses for VERY affordable prices! Heck, I think I'll be choosing my rehearsal dress here. The only sad thing ... well, for me, is that the dresses I fell in love with did not come in size SMALL! ERG. I have put together a WHOLE selection of beautiful dresses and paired one or two up with some of her jewelry! Remember, these are all LuLu's items, only otherwise stated...

I would consider wearing this dress to my rehearsal. I seriously have a huge crush on ruffles right now and I've been itching to buy a dress like this. Too bad this one in particular only comes in a large!! Priced at $50.

And I'd pair it with these earrings priced at $8

This one is a great bridesmaid dress because it's very pretty & sophisticated, but does not aim to take away attention from the bride *ahem* -- hehe, jK :) Simple... but very class :) And more expensive. Priced at $74.

Oooo, but imagine then dressing it up with a pair of these from Luxe Deluxe for a sexy night out on the town!!
Priced at $72

How sexy is this dress?! LOVING the ruffles. AND it comes in a small! Would y'all think I was crazy if I bought this?? Priced at $51 ...

Pair it with these shoes for casual...($66)

Or these if you're going for the "sexy bride" look. Bachelorette party anyone?

These are actually from Steve Madden priced at $89.95.
Under the bridal section actually... lol.

Throwing this pocket watch b/c I'm a fan and it's green, but not necessarily paired up w/this particular green dress. Priced at $24

This is another cute, simple, and ruffle-y dress that I really liked. It has that stylish "loose"fitting, but the details of the ruffles and neckline is so "delicate" looking. Priced at $48

Paired with these earrings for$10

This one is sexy-sophisticated and only $34!!!

The angles on the back are so chique -- <3

This one reminds me of a babydoll. It's a little risque in the length, but it would be beautiful for engagement photos!! AND they have one in small... !!!
Priced at $44

Look at those details!!

Add these fun earrings to play with the dress. Priced at $8

Simple and cute. Priced at only $34

I love the BACK on this one!

I'd match it with this ring. Priced at $8

I WISH they had a small in this b/c I'd order it in a HOT SECOND!
Priced at $59

Add a splash of my wedding colors to the dress with this ring!! Priced at $13

AND these earrings! Priced at $10

My color! Priced at $51 !!

Paired with these beauties! Priced at $18

Aren't these dresses gorgeous and inexpensive?! Truly a treasure to be found. Hope y'all enjoyed the dresses as much as I did :) I can't wait to go bridesmaid dress shopping with my girls, ha.
4 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    Oooooooo! I love these dresses :) I haven't been able to find a new dress for Kira's wedding, and I'm now about to go to the website and find one! My favorite was the turquoise one with the ruffles!

  2. Meghan Says:

    Cute! So you. I doubt I could pull off the short (those are pretty short dresses) lengths, but they would look fab on you. =)

  3. Sonjacharde Says:

    i think the turquoise dress and the dress with the pink ruffle top and blue bottom are appropraite. the other ones (no offense taken please) look too much like a day at the beach or park. you want to make sure that the wedding party is dressed elegantly and simply, but they still need to be dressy enough to look like they are in your wedding. i think the white dress, white very pretty, are white and no one in the wedding party should wear white except the bride. again these are just my opinions so if you dont like them, no prob.

    Love Sonja

  4. Lenora Says:

    The dresses are pretty, but they're all REALLY short. Keep in mind you can't even see the model's knees in most of the pictures.