Imaginale Design
So I have this crazy idea of finding someone with
a CLASSIC, vintage car
to have us ride away in
(and even try to get pictures with) after the wedding.

I figured, I HAVE to find
who is willing to take $100 to let me borrow their car
for JUST 1 hour.

They can literally drive us away and take us to Jose's car lol.
We'll never drive the car ourselves.

THIS ladies and gentleman,
is a BEAUTIFUL car being sold on craigslist in Houston.
I would contact the guy to let me borrow it,
but I definitely won't be guaranteed that
he'll still have it one year from now :(
In the mean time, let's admire and sigh.
*Sigh* .... Maybe next year I'll find someone... :)

*sigh* It's beautiful and almost TOO perfect for my wedding :(

2 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    NICE ride. You never know-he might not have sold it by then. If so, you can still ask him to give you the info of who bought it so you can ask them about renting it!

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