Imaginale Design

Okay, I think I have an idea I may stick with for the big day.
Get gorgeous earrings,
no necklace,
and wear a gorgeous ring like this:

You better believe I am HUNTING for a ring like this!
If I find it soon,
it will be my early birthday gift! (JUNE 17! :)

And of course, gotta end the week
with another beauty from StillMotion --
talk about amazing cinematography!

raj + carolyn // same day edit . TN from StillMotion on Vimeo.

5 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    You might want to talk to Jose about that and see how he feels. I say that because on your wedding day, your rings are such a big symbol of what is taking place. If you have some other big, beautiful ring on, it is definitely going to shift focus from your engagement/wedding bands to the other one. Not that you have to do what I did at all, but I remember choosing to NOT where any other rings or even bracelets because I wanted those rings-the really important ones- to be the focus on that day. But a necklace and earrings don't take away from that.

  2. Ale Says:

    Oooo... see, I didn't think about that. And now that you mention this, when I look at the photo I posted, you're absolutely right about the focus completely being directed to that ring.

    See, this is why I love feedback! Thanks love :)

  3. I concur with Meghan. That was the first thing I thought when you said that, I was like : OH NO! DON"T DO IT!! Your hands should have nothing to do but show off your wedding rings. Make sure to get a good shot of your hands together where you can see both you and Jose's rings so that 50 years from now you can take the same photo, but your hands will be all gloriously aged! Then frame them next to one another. :)

  4. PS -- still think you should get a ring like that anyway, it is gorgeous. just don't wear it on your special day. lol - happy early bday!

  5. Ellen Says:

    Hahaha, I'm such an idiot. I hit play to watch the video you posted without realizing that I had left my itunes on, so there was a rap song playing throughout the first minute or two and I couldn't believe why anyone would choose that song to be in their video! Haha, anyway, I think it's really beautiful. Also, I agree with what everyone else has been saying about the ring.