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Okay, we're in the summer -- but my wedding is a year from now, so if I have resolutions that occur to me in June, then they will be considered New Years Resolutions.

The fiance proposed (ha! that sounds funny :) the idea of...... spending our honeymoon in Spain... (get this) ... (are you ready?) for a WHOLE MONTH! I almost dropped the phone and started dancing on my desk. While this might scare my office-mate, I opted to squeal (softly) and say "UM, sounds good!!!"

[Enter bad part]

We started talking about budget cuts. Why? When you're trying to have a MONTH long vacation, you need... that's right folks, the green stuff. *sigh* I looked at my handy-dandy Excel budget sheet and thought "How can this get any tighter?!" Of course I'm exaggerating, but it looks like our budget is going to have to go on another diet! I've already signed myself up to make the invitations, save the dates,
and the centerpieces. So I got a little overwhelmed :( Luckily, Jose reassured me this was just an "idea" and that is it! It doesn't have to happen. But... you know a girl can't turn down a month of Spain!

Resolution? *sucks in breath* I'm going to stop being lazy about contests! Some of them require detailed, time consuming things, but today I was VERY motivated! And to my surprise, I came across one that was right up my alley at Oh So Beautiful Paper!!

The idea is to create an inspiration board based on Delphine's wedding invitation suites, including your wedding theme and colors. I have created 4 boards before, but this time I created a "master" one that actually incorporated ME (haha) and elements TRUE to my wedding! They also asked us to include the Delphine invitation that fits our wedding style. I chose Darlington.

And.... here it is!

I'm so proud :)

EEP! I have to run! I'm going to serve as a "second shooter" (photography) for a wedding today! Wooo!!
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  1. J_S Says:

    Ale, you are right. A girl cannot and should not pass up a month in Spain...if budget allows.

    It will be an amazing tip. You would love San Sebastian. That's a must visit.

    Anyway, hope the plans are coming along well. Let me know if there is anything I can do as I am in dire need of channeling my creative side- always!


  2. Ale Says:

    Thank you for the suggestions! :) Weeell, if you'd like to channel your creative side.. there's a contest at

    It's a DIY (Do it Yourself) that you have to create & submit pics of how you did it. I can think of a few things, but nothing that tons of people haven't already done... =\ Any ideas on what I should make?