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Once you are planning your own wedding, you definitely don't attend another one without over-analyzing it.

I got to second shoot a wedding this past Friday and once again, my opinion on a DJ was reinforced. If you want people to get up and celebrate, you better have a great DJ with great music. The one I went to had a great DJ and SUCH a fun selection of songs. It was
so hard not to dance!!

The problem? Having "booty" music without the vulgar lyrics. You have to have a blend of energetic, lively, and fun music you can dance to without offensive language. I think a great example of a couple who pulled this off was Meghan & Tom's wedding where they had Outkast (and other music of course) played by an awesome band. You get the fun, jazzy, hint of hip hop, but minus words like shake your sass ;) What great or even random songs have y'all heard played at wedding receptions?

Here's a sneak peek of the wedding I second-shot:

I <3 flares
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  1. Meghan Says:

    Aww, thanks! We loved our band and danced our booties off. haha =)

    Love the shot from that wedding. Also, about the previous post-you have my vote for the month in Spain. Trust me, once you are on your honeymoon, you don't want it to end. And it's so hard to return home. Take advantage of all the time you can!