Imaginale Design
Okay, it is very typical to neglect the "males" involved in the wedding. I mean, really... who cares that much about your tux?! BUT, I realized there are a LOT more ways to spice up your man's outfit.

I will start with one section today and feature other sections next week. THIS week it's TIES!! I'm only featuring ONE person because this talented individual has the most mind blowing ties! Huge thanks to Meghan who sent me a link to a color pallette that ended linking me to the talented Toybreaker!! When a girl can get THIS excited about men's fashion... they MUST be good. Without further ado...

AND in my colors! Weee!

These would make such good gifts in general! Talk about transforming an outfit! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :) Go check out the rest of the ties at Toybreaker's site!
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