Imaginale Design
I have a REALLY cool goodie to share with you all. My soon to be sis-in-law is a talented artist who I asked to replicate a "particular" design I saw on a cake. I wanted to visualize this design in my colors and on a white simple cake. Since I'm having a local bakery do my cake, I wanted the design to be beautiful and chic -- but I didn't want it to be too complicated where it would leave room for the baker to make it sloppy looking. Does that make sense? Artistic, but simple. And viola!

Isn't it beautiful!?
We just have to find red flowers that look like that lol. Also, the blue would be closer to this shade (if possible by baker!):

And now, to add to the fun, here are some CRAZY, funny, and cute toppers I found on Ebay! **EDIT** I am posting some of these Ebay ones for fun and not actually considering them ;) ...However, that isn't necessarily my sentiment for the Etsy ones.

I love how this one looks straight from the 50's!

Ha! This one is called the "love pinch"

I actually really like this one lol...

And this one is so romantic!

NOW, I want to feature the very few cake toppers I found on Etsy and actually enjoyed (I didn't find many and literally looked through all of them...)

This first one is by Krishnasadhu. Okay, follow me here. Since
peacock blue matches my blue, it would be cool to pair this peacock up with another "male" bird. Maybe keep her long tail, but make the bird smaller? I know.. it's a strange one.. :)

This next one is also quirky (like me :P), but VERY cute and SOOO fun! Created by Cornflakegirl
-- I looove the dress and birdcage veil she made for her!

And last, but certainly not least, is a beautiful creation by RedLightStudios. I think this one is SO me!!! What do y'all think?!

Aw :) Can't you picture him with a teal tie and her with a teal (or red) bouquet?!

Have a happy hump day!! Next Hump Day I'll be celebrating my "birth" ;) and my fiance will be flying down from Dallas (where he's interning this summer) to visit!
2 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    First of all, I really like the cake design - I think it's simple and elegant without being boring or plain. Of all the cake toppers you posted, my favorites are the ones from etsy. I think if your cake is simple, you can get away with a more quirky topper! If you want to go with a less quirky topper, my favorite is the one that looks like it was made by Willow Creek!

  2. Meghan Says:

    The cake design is so pretty and simple. I like that a lot. As for the cake toppers, my fave is the one that is birds. SO cute. I like the last one (the one you love) and the willow one too!

    And, just because you got my interest, I went and looked up some vintage cake toppers. Here are some I saw:

    This reminded me of the pictures of you and Jose on a bike that y'all did in Alabama:

    Love the lace on her dress:

    He has a blue bow-tie and she has white and red flowers:

    Love the headpiece on the one on the right:

    This one is sweet:

    More cute birds(!!):


    Monogrammed Cake Toppers are really popular right now too:

    They can also use an & instead of the traditional 3 letter:

    And then I saw this, and DEFINITELY thought of you!