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....just blow me away. I think about what I would be like when I have kids. I don't think I would be too far from this inspirational woman (well, I hope to attain that level of creativity one day). I am talking about Miko Design who is a mother of 2 and a pure creative genius.

Instead of featuring a wedding, I want to feature a BIRTHDAY PARTY she threw for her 8 year old daughter Sofia (LOVE that name!). To defend my post (though it's not necessary ;), it was a
Frida Kahlo themed birthday party which is one of the inspirations behind my centerpieces. The amount of DETAIL, creativity, time, and commitment she spent on this is simply honorable.

But enough of my jabbering... take a look:

First the invitations:

She painted a canvas blue to serve as a backdrop for....

A photo somewhat like this...

To be made into an invitation like this!

which then she proceeded to use this picture for Sofia's birthday cake!!

She not only decorated her whole house

but made skirts for her girls as well!

On top of THAT, she MADE a Frida piƱata! Yes, made it!

Sofia's friends got to make portrait paintings, reflecting on Frida's work.... I love the protective trash-bag-aprons! :)

Then they got to take home a coloring book of Sofia's drawings with crayons and parrot buttons!

Sofia's present was a sewing box with
her own drawing that her mom gocco-ed onto this sewing box!!

Inside was a drawing from her younger sister Mila made...

Amazing... amazing... the end

p.s. Could you even begin to IMAGINE what this woman will do for their wedding?!?! I mean, I'm already excited about it!! Haha.

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  1. Ellen Says:

    OMG, I can't wait for you to have children! You are going to be exactly like that.