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So, I managed to stumble on the I heart faces blog, but specifically on the Top Ten submissions for "Crazy, Silly, Funny Faces."

This one stopped me in my tracks and I was bursting out LAUGHING!

Yes, this picture is "obviously" funny and his face is painfully retarded -- but that is practically MY JOSE!! My fiance is notorious for making goofy faces, but I was laughing SO hard when I saw this because the girl is just chillin' on his shoulder thinking "awww, here's our photo" and here is Goofy Mac Goof making THAT retarded face. Her smile is so casual and UNKNOWING that her fiance is making that face! Look at it! HILARIOUS!! haha.

Last thing wedding wise: How awesome is my caterer?! He is sending me a SAMPLE of my napkins to "approve" the color via mail. The funny thing is that I requested "teal" for our napkins and he keeps referring to them as "turquoise." I just hope I don't get a "turquoise" napkin in the mail next week. WOAH. That was kind of bridezilla for a second.

Forgive me blog land.

GUESS WHAT?! I want to say it loud and proud: I'M SECOND SHOOTING TOMORROW FOR ANOTHER WEDDING!! BUT, now I'm getting paid!! I can't wait for this one... it's supposed to be a "REAL" country wedding. The photographer jokingly told me I need to prepare for this culture shock. I proceeded to say my fiance's family is from Russellville, Alabama and I am VERY fond of fried okra, thank you very much.

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