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So I was thinking -- what sets me apart from other blogs? I mean, clearly the "Alejandra" story of this wedding planning... but I realized, there's not a lot of Latin flavor out in the blog world!

And while I love to recap the beautiful images that are highlighted on other blogs, I would like to make a conscious effort to attribute a "Latin Flavor" each week to my blog. At least once a week!

My mom is from Honduras (Central America) and my dad from Uruguay (South America). My first language was Spanish, but all the kids spoke to me in English -- so eventually I was coming home speaking English. Fortunately, my grandmother does not speak English so I was forced to continue speaking Spanish at home. I'm a "complex" fusion of American and Latin culture.

Complex? OH YES. My family back in TX is exactly what you would think of about LH's (Latinos/Hispanics). Loud, loving, passionate, impulsive, emotional, and strong. But seriously -- we have birthday parties every other week (there's that much family), NO ONE is too old for a piƱata, we have coffee after cake even though it's 9 p.m., we let the 3 year olds have a sip of this said coffee, people talk WAY too loud, the music is WAY too loud and is always salsa or merengue (or the American oldies my mom loves).

You know that old school song "Shake, shake, shake... shake your booty!" ... my mom told me they used to hear it in Honduras when they were teenagers but b/c they didn't know English, they would sing "Seis, seis, seis... seis de Octubre!" (which means "Six, six, six.. six of October!") -- because it
sounds like the English song, though obviously the meaning is completely different.

However, I was the first female to go off to college and experience the "American" culture. I'm the ONLY cousin not living in Texas (those that are in the U.S.) and living on my own at that! A single female (well, now engaged) with my own place. I know that I'm often criticized by my family for detaching myself from them. I was the stubborn child that in middle school said "I am eliminating coffee from my diet because it stunts growth. I will only drink milk for breakfast." And of course my mom, though irritated by my sudden critical-adultish behavior, was also proud of my bold stance. She let me. She let me. And that's the point -- we as LH's have behaviors that people group us into "those" people (all the same)... but we're all complex with different life experiences. Okay, yes, I'm in a salsa crew ... but I also drink ORGANIC MILK. I couldn't be more different than some of my family members and vice versa.

So while I'm sometimes viewed as not "American" enough, and other times as not your "typical" Latina (I was born with blonde hair for starters!) --- I like this awkward fit of mine. Sometimes I don't get the jokes because I didn't watch certain shows growing up or wasn't a part of that American culture as a child -- but what I love is that the people around me embrace that. That's what I love about living here. Embracing the different!

For my first "Latin flavor" project -- I'm going to try and design an invitation around one of my favorite Mexican retro pieces: Jarritos!! They're colorful, tasty, and diverse in flavor :)

found here

We'll see how it goes. Happy hump day everyone :)
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  1. fabs Says:

    I just totally had to say that I LOVED this entry Ale! :) :) :)

    I can absolutely relate to so many things you said..

    I miss you!!!


  2. Ale Says:

    Aww, thanks fabs :) I miss you too!!