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I really wanted to post my surprise this week, but I have to get OTHER things ready before having my giveaway! And work both at my job and outside of it have been swamping. However... I FINALLY got my wedding dress!! Yipee!

What I mean by "finally" is that I marched into the store, asked her about pricing, got it lower b/c I have a TX license and address so she took off $200 for tax free, out of state! Phew! And of course, all that money is going towards the dress ANYWAY (alterations, bras, under skirt thingy, shoes, etc.). Secret: If you find "the" dress and you know the designer and have family out of state -- get it out of state! (They will hate me for announcing this)

In lieu of this, and to entertain you while I get my crap together (hehe :), I will leave you with some CURRENT GORGEOUS USED gowns that are on sale at OnceWed. I know I'm missing commas back there, but don't judge me ... it loses the excitement if I stop to breathe at commas! (This is how I talk in person... ask my friends :P).

This first one by Melissa Sweet (
ASKING PRICE: $1,875.00) has a very simple front


I think I have featured this on my blog before, it is a dress by Alvina Valenta (ASKING PRICE: $1,200.00). You have to love your curves to wear this dress!

But I just LOVE this detail here on the waist... so elegant

This next one by Marisa (ASKING PRICE: $1,500.00) is not justified on the mannequin!! I bet this would look gorgeous on. The lace detail is beautiful....

Look at the back on this!

This next one by Oscar De La Renta (
ASKING PRICE: $2,000.00) is not one I would choose for myself, but there was something about it that drew me to it. Maybe not for a wedding, but paired with those lacy gloves and a ruby red purse for ... a red carpet event?!

Or something you'd see on Sex in the City

This next simple, BEAUTY by Maggie Sottero is only $450!!! I LOVE her hair piece and the one shoulder strap! AND the empire waist that makes you look MUCH taller. Wow, I'm actually really in love with this one. It makes me feel like you should be marrying a Spartan. Ha.

OMGoodness. Look at this piece of sexy work by Melissa Sweet (ASKING PRICE: $800.00)! I would consider wearing this as my "goodbye" dress!!!!!!

That back!!

And last, I will leave you with the shoes that I am almost sure will be my wedding shoes. But of course, I'd love your opinion!! Don't you love the red rose?! It matches my colors and Spanish theme. And they're only $50!

Found via Chelsea

What do you think? Happy Humpday!

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  1. Ellen Says:

    Yay!!! I'm so glad you got your dress! It's the same one you've been talking about, right? Out of the dresses you posted, my favorite is the first one - so romantic & elegant. I also love your red shoes & I think they go perfectly with your theme.