Imaginale Design

Okay, SOMEBODY stop me from buying this drop-dead-gorgeous teal bolero. NOW!!! A bride that one of my favorite blogs (Vintageglam) was featuring, wore a RED one! Don't worry, I wouldn't wear it with my wedding dress -- but not a bad idea for "going away" outfit!! Granted, that other bride definitely worked it. Check out the other beauties at Bonzie's shop. Seriously.

Second -- one of my faaavorite photographers is Sarah Q because of her amazing talent, and additionally -- she reminds me a little of me. She's a photographer AND graphic designer, and her style of editing reminds me of my own. Err... one that I am ASPIRING to be :) She's obviously mastered it and is just awesome. Anyway, I had to share with you the color of these bridesmaid's dresses! What a unique blue!

And last -- awwww, a crying groom from this same wedding! Everytime I speak with a potential photographer for my wedding, I tell them -- "Of all my wedding shots, one that you MUST capture is my fiance's face when I walk down the isle."

I want to remember his face when I walk down the isle! :)

2 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    I most certainly will NOT stop you from buying that - it is so gorgeous!!

  2. Ale Says:

    haha, isn't it?! I suppose I wouldn't stop you either! ;)