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I admit... after reading blog after blog after blog of beautiful and inspiring weddings -- they freak me out. It begins to feel overwhelming as though there is some kind of "standard" you should follow. And granted, a lot of it comes from me being ME. I'm an artist and designer.... specifically in photography and graphic work, but I'm not limited to that.

Have you seen my room?! I don't have my own house yet, I currently am a "renter" but am blessed with the HUGE masterbedroom. If you have seen it, you will know what I am talking about. If you haven't -- well, it's my mini-home. I spent time, planning my decor -- I made my curtains, I have one wall FULL of antique frames with photos, pieces of vintage decor color my furniture and make it... me.

So OF COURSE these inspirational blogs put me in over drive! But thankfully, there are some that just ground me :)
Some that remind me that the beauty and trends found in other places are meant to be admired and inspired, and THAT'S IT. And I want to share one post I read today that did just that. Even if you're not getting married, or ESPECIALLY if you already have, you must read it.

Who is going to be at my wedding? People who love me. And those people who love me are probably reading this. And those same people have ALREADY experienced this journey of me growing as an engaged woman -- eventually becoming a married woman. They will see the crazy ideas I started off with, to what became real. They won't judge me because in the end... what is in my wedding is all my labor of love. Who cares about what it isn't.

On that note, for my Latin flavor of the week, I created an inspiration board! These colors remind me of a festival back in the 30's, swirled with cotton candy and yummy hues of purple. Yes, I had to include that bolero ;)

top: bolero, flowers, matador
bottom: day of dead table, cha cha cha

And last, what you must read: Things That Went Wrong

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