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I'm sorry I'm not posting anything "wedding" related today (image wise). I'm feeling pretty crappy because I have really, REALLY bad allergies :( Hopefully I'm not coming down with a cold... or even worse, the flu!! My co-workers are already approaching me apprehensively just in case, haha.

Also, I'm busy working on this little guy

I do have a question though, if anybody is reading this. I am shooting my first wedding as the main photographer in October and out of curiosity, I wanted to know: If you were getting married (or WHEN you were) ... what would be (or was) the ONE shot that you absolutely wanted your photographer to capture? Not the "obvious" ones like first dance, first kiss, cutting cake, etc.

EVEN if you're single, I would love to hear your opinion. Mine? Like I said before ... Jose's face when I walk down the isle. I want to capture that moment and keep it forever! I know the day I'm walking down the isle I'm going to have a million sparks going off in my stomach that it will all be a blur. I want to remember when he first saw me on the path to becoming his wife :)

Woaaah the thought that I WILL be doing that in a few months makes me all jittery and excited! Sometimes I don't think this truly sinks in.

So yeah, what is your MUST HAVE shot if/when you get married?
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  1. kitty j Says:

    Aww....I can just imagine chico's expression...OMG you two are going to be too adorable on your wedding day....LOL I'll be going snap happy I can already tell you :D

    Hmmm....on my wedding day (which is most likely in the diiiissstant future)....I would like to have pic.s of those little moments that the couple has ....those pictures where me and him are goofing off or having a chat...a simple kiss while every enjoys the reception so forth. I guess you could say I don't have specifics I just want my photographer to be a fly on the wall with a snap happy attitude... ROFL.

    Though I have a feeling I will require at least one planned crazy one....something to do with jumping no doubt. ROFL