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I am a dancer. I love, love, love to dance. I talked about this before, but aside from the photography and food, one of my biggest desires in my wedding is for people to have a good time. When does that take place? The Reception!

Who is going to make that happen? THE DJ! I am having a brunch ceremony, and perhaps it sounds strange to have dancing for that hour, but believe me... it's happening. And I understand there are brides who don't want the DJ to be the life of the party, but I do. However, I know there are people out there who would secretly strap themselves to a chair before following me to the dance floor. They hate people who say "Oh, come oonnnnn. Come dance!"

Solution? Have a dance lesson! My family is Latin, and there will be salsa, merengue, and possibly tango (tango is not my forte lol). Obviously, the DJ will mix it up so that there's a mix of (clean) hip hop, salsa, oldies, merengue, etc.

Your opinion, needed here -> I originally was going with the idea of having a tango lesson, but our prospective DJ told us that may not be a good idea. He said tango requires a partner and is not really a dance that you can learn steps on your own. That can shift the dynamic of the audience. Basically, when you're the "single" girl and you find yourself feeling awkward during the dance lesson having to pair up with a random cousin OR you tell your girl friend she is now the male-partner.
Victor & I performing at Emory Salsa

Salsa on the other hand -- you can learn steps on your own AND its not as awkward to dance it with a girl or by yourself. At first I was REALLY not feeling a salsa lesson. Don't get me wrong, salsa is my passion -- but I really dislike those cheesy "beginner" classes. Then, I had to put myself in my friend's/guest's shoes. There are plenty of people who would not find the beginner class cheesy, and in fact would love to refresh their memory on the steps. Thus, when the DJ transitions into "Acuyuye" by DLG (upbeat salsa song I will be requesting! ;), everyone feels pumped up enough to give it a shot! At least that's what my mind wants to believe.

What do YOU think? Stick with the salsa lesson or go with tango? Our prospective DJ & MC's are SO freakin' awesome that they were trained dancers too!! Can we say perfect match?! So they can also teach swing. But.... I don't know swing at all, and regardless WHAT dance they teach, salsa WILL be played. So people might as well learn it, no?

Do you think the beginner's salsa class would be cheesy? Should we try a different dance? No class? Or are you saying "NO DUMMY! We need it and we want the salsa!!!"

------- Second line of business: HAIR FLOWER WINNER!!! ---------

First, in case you're curious about the most highly picked flowers, these were the top 3:

Lemon Drop, Ariana, and Ziya

Ironically, 2 of those were part of the giveaway!

Thank you to EVERYONE's beautiful & sweet comments. I will have ONE giveaway each month because y'all inspire me!! I try to reasonably price these, so feel free to check out my store if you didn't win. So I had a total of 52 comments. I went to and put 1-52 and the number chosen was *drumroll*

48! So the 48th comment was:

who said...

"Ariana for me is definitely my favorite because it reminds me of my mom who sadly won't be with me on my wedding day."

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7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh I'm so excited! I absolutely love your Etsy shop and after entering the contest, I sent the link to all my bridesmaids to check out your feather clips! I've just emailed you my information and I can't wait to get my flower in the mail!

  2. Ellen Says:

    #1 = I will be strapping myself to a chair

    #2 = I agree that tango would be awkward. I think your turnout on the dancefloor would be much greater with salsa. Most people don't know basic salsa steps & would find them fun to learn. So my vote goes for salsa!

  3. Ale Says:

    Um, excuse me Ellen... you are now officially a bridesmaid. No strapping of the chair will be taking place for you.

    Goodness, I'm guessing we need to start training you right NOW, huh?! hehe ;)

    Seriously... you WILL be on that dance floor!!! Even if it means that's my wedding gift ;)

  4. Ellen Says:

    Hahaha, I'm only kidding! I will be on the dance floor, I promise!

  5. Meghan Says:

    Definitely DO the salsa lesson! I think it will be so fun! I mentioned it to Tom, and he even said, "NICE!" I can't wait for this wedding! It will rock. Who cares what time of day it is? Dancing is part of who you are!

  6. Ale Says:

    Yay Meghan! Haha, the funny thing is, when Jose asked me who would get up and dance I started naming people and then said "I know Tom would get up there cause Meghan is going to want to dance!"

    Yay for awesome dancing friends!! :)

  7. fabs Says:

    I agree with the doing the salsa lesson.

    If it's gonna be played anyway, people might as well learn it. And, salsa is something most people become comfortably with just because most people are familiar with it even if they don't know how to dance. :)

    El preso by Fruko, Idilio by Willy Colon, and most things by Oscar de Leon will also get anyone itching to get on the dance floor. ;) I have a ton of salsa/latin songs if you ever need more songs. :)