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Warning: You will NOT have links to awesome priced bridesmaids dresses -- maybe another day. So if that's what you want, I apologize. However, if you want to drool over dresses that you WISH you'd be willing to spend that much on... then stay a bit!!

I fell in LOVE with a teal gown while searching for "low back" dresses. My colors, if you don't remember, are teal and red. I love, love, love teal. However, my bridesmaids would probably hate me if I sent them on a hunt to find same-shade-of-teal dresses (yes, I'm letting them pick their own). Thus, they are picking red.

Anyway, I've never been into "evening gowns" but my maids of honor (I have 2), told me that my dress is pretty "elegant" so they think that their dresses would have to be more on the "formal" side. I don't know what to think because I'm having a brunch wedding and I don't really want a "formal" feeling... elegant, sure, but not formal. Can you have both? You know... just the right blend of elegance, but simple, whimsical, and joyful. Maybe I'm contradicting myself.

Point is, I found a breath-taking teal gown. One that is too expensive to consider (I'm serious, don't consider it!!). I LOVE low-back dresses. They're sexy, but elegant because they cover the "goodies." Something about a woman's back, shoulders, or the bones by the neck (the name escapes me) is sensual and feminine. Obviously, I'm not trying to get my bridesmaids to be all sexified, but I LOVE the idea of a very feminine dress.

So here are some goodies I found.... expensive goodies that is....

Nice vintage look... but no ROOM for bad curves! This was actually a cheap one ($50)
found here

That didn't hide anything.

I tried sticking with my colors...

LOVE the back on this one. But probably a little too much back ($376)
found here

SO elegant ($940 .. what?!)
found here

But then I found other colored beauties.. ($298 & $295)
found here

found here

Caliente! ($249)
found here

Elegant, yet casual!!! Don't these colors kill you?! And the BACK! <3 <3 ($250)
found here

I ventured out on something different... that head piece! So bold ($278)
found here

Not long, or low back... but my color and "bridesmaid-ish"
found here

SEXY ... and that color!! Maybe a honeymoon outfit ;)
found here

And last... The perfect teal, the perfect amount of back showing, the perfect elegance with whimsical/feminine elements, the perfect fit. But the WRONG price!! $378
found here

Happy dreaming Friday :P

3 Responses
  1. Ellen Says:

    The last three are my favorites, with the very last one being my absolute favorite!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If only I were a adept with a sewing machine I'd totally recreate that little black number—totally love it.

  3. Lenora Says:

    I LOVE backless/low backed clothing, but it's not always the greatest choice if you have a lot of different body types going on. Ladies who are more buxom than I are going to want the ability to wear a bra--those little adhesive numbers are kind of joke past about a B cup.

    I think either a dress that's kind of hang-y and long or one that's more fitted and tea-length would walk that line of whimsical/daytime and elegant without being too formal.