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First ... it's GIVE AWAY time!!

But before that, I have to laugh at myself and will tell you so you can laugh at me too. Typically I dress somewhat stylish, business casual at work. I try to have some form of accessory that matches my outfit (hair flower, shoes, or earrings). Anyway, this morning I knew that it was going to only get up to 70 but I wanted to wear my really bright red-orange floral tank-top. I have a light long sleeve (gray) that is a pull over that stops right on my waist (so it's meant to be worn with a tank top under). Then I paired it with my dark brown slacks for the "business" addition. Finally, I pulled on a cute, also gray, blazer as a light coat.

I did my typical morning routine, but I was feeling really tired this morning. I get to work, start doing my e-mail routine and then get up to get some water. I pull on my tank top that has folded while I sat, and suddenly LOOK at my outfit. I look at the slightly orange design on my gray pull over, I look at the brown pants, and then my orange print. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! These colors don't go well at all!!! Yeah, okay, orange and brown go .. but paired with gray?!? I felt so stupid and I was literally POWER walking to the places I needed to get to. Water? Power walk to fountain. Pee? Power walk to restroom. Lunch? POWER WALK!! I was hoping no one would stop me in the middle of the hall because I was afraid their eyes might start scanning my outfit and think "Does she have good light at home?" Which now that I think about it, I was probably half awake this morning and it was unusually dark (and my restroom lights aren't the best). I bet the yellow tone my restroom lights project gave my outfit a nice, overall coat of orange -- HA! Fooled me.

If you see a girl power walking by you with these colors, then maybe in theory it wouldn't look that bad. But when I looked at them on myself, I felt like mom let me "choose" my outfit today and I was 10 again. Guess that has to happen when you experiment :)

NOW! To the give away!!! I am now launching my first HAIR FLOWER ACCESSORIES STORE --- Eideticandy! Made by yours truly to be enjoyed by YOU! And of course, what's a launch without a freebie?! Luckily there are places that provide me with inspiration for color combinations when days like today happen.

I hope that I can provide you guys with a selection of different flowers at different prices so that everyone can enjoy them. However, I'd like to find out what people's favorites are so I can focus on those since these babies take LOTS of time to make! Give the people what they want, right?

Check out my store -- come back and leave a comment stating your FAVORITE piece and porque (that means why). One comment per person, unless you blog about it -- you can comment twice with a link to your blog! Then I will draw a RANDOM number (corresponding with a comment) to win your choice of Ziya or Lemon Drops:

No entries after Tuesday (Oct. 20th) at midnight


Lemon Drops

I will announce the winner NEXT Wednesday, October 21st. And it will be all yours... gratis! So... hurry up and go already! :)
52 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Aaaah these clips are gorgeous. I do like the black & white feather clip, and I do love the give-aways! Why - they are just an added creative touch! They really say - "I'm fun and stylish". I wore something similar in a wedding recently! They are just lovely! Pick me pick me!

  2. Sonjacharde Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE esmerelda. i love the simplicity of the two feathers and i love the combination of the cool turquiose and the contrast in the black and white feather. i have always loved turquiose since i was a teenager because its an earthy color that you can dress up or dress down. the touch of black and white gives it a sense of elegance that makes the hair piece easy to dress up. but the classic vintage jewel at the end makes it causal and fun enough to wear with jeans for a splash of jazziness. since blue is in the cool color family it can be worn with virtually ANY color w/o looking overdone! ok im babbling on too much here... but PICK ME because i genuinely LOVE THIS CLIP! picture how gorg it would look in my unruly curly hair ;)

  3. magz Says:

    ok...first of all...your colorblind story..hilarious...i can totally picture u speed about the merchandise well i must say my favs are Mariposa and lluvia..i luv headbands and u definately added flare to it..i luv them because since i wear a lot of black this would add the right amount of color to my wardrobe..i really liked all the pieces..cant wait to buy something..or hopefully get one

  4. Lauren Says:

    I just love the Gabriella. That has to be my fav shade of blueish-purple ever. And of course, those are also the colors of my hometown football team. GO RAVENS. I'd love to dress up my game day attire and this would be the perfect piece with a LBD and purple cardigan. Love your stuff. You are so creative. Oh, and my birthday just happens to be on the day of this giveaway ;) (no joke)

  5. rex Says:

    I love the lemon drops! They are perfect to pair with fall colors and are really sweet. They really suit my personality and my style!

  6. Ellen Says:

    Hahaha re: your color coordination mishap. Something similar definitely happened to me today when I grabbed my hot pink peacoat at the last minute & later realized that it completely clashes with my red turtleneck.

    The lemon drops are my favorite, for several reasons. First, the bright yellow would provide a dramatic contrast with my dark hair, thus giving me an exotic look that I normally lack. Second, the color automatically puts me into a happy mood. Right now I'm stuck in the library studying Bankruptcy and hating this miserable weather. Clearly, I could use a reminder that life can be full of sunshine and happiness, and the flower clip would help remind me of this. Third, it exudes beauty and elegance. I love it and if I don't win it I will probably buy it from you. The only problem is that I will need you to help me put it in my hair (you know how terrible I am with hair)!

  7. kendra Says:

    I love this one:

    too cute! and would go with anything!

  8. Melissa Says:

    Oh, I love the Marisol headband! The name you choose for it is a lovely name and perfect for a lovely headband. The yellow color is so bright and cheerful that it would be an ideal way to infuse a little bit o' happiness into the cold autumn and winter days that are approaching. Plus, I have a sense that anyone who wears it feels a bit like a fairy princess, since it is so whimsical.

  9. JD Says:

    I like the Ariana flower. Its very bridal looking.

  10. Kendra Says:

    Love Lluvia, because the headband is as cute as the flower!

  11. Erin Says:

    I am absolutely adoring Gabriella because of the blue. It would make a PERFECT something blue, and I've been looking for one of those. A different one.

    What better way than to accessorize like this? All these are wonderful!

  12. Katherine Says:

    I LOVE Valencia. I think it's fantastic! So fun and different. I'm picturing it in our engagement session photos and I know it would be perfect. It looks like it's made for the camera.

  13. Michelle Says:

    I like marisol because I could see myself wearing it so many different places with a dress on a fancy evening or just a cute sweater. So girly!

  14. Courtney Says:

    I LLLLOOOOOVVVEEE the Ariana. It has the perfect vintage look I am looking for in a wedding day hair accessory. And I can totally wear it after the big day. It is so dainty and romantic... just makes me say...AAAHHHHHH!

  15. The Marisol headband is too cute. Headbands are my new favorite accessory!

  16. caroline Says:

    Whoa! Lemon Drops and Leyla are definitely my favorite -- strong pops of color, nice and compact. Nice work!

    I also love things just with berries, in case you go that direction in the future.

  17. Emily Says:

    Lemondrops in orange is so pretty. These are great.

  18. Dasha29 Says:

    I love the Lluvia headband - so pretty!

  19. Jenn Says:

    I really like Lourdes. I like the colors and the black jewel that holds it all together is so dainty and pretty! :)

  20. Jacqueline Says:

    Wow, I love Ariana for the beautiful lace fabric. There's something so perfect and vintage about good lace.

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

  21. TW Says:

    The Lourdes feather piece is stunning...I can only imagine the possibilities. But the bright yellow of the lemon drops is so my personality! Bright and FUN, FUN, FUN!

  22. lysh Says:

    i love the leyla clip ..but i also really like valencia .. i wish that one was in gray. i like the fun feathers with the simple cute flower. what a great shop. im loving all the orginality already! good luck!!

  23. Definitely Lluvia! I love the simplicity of the construction and how it's paired with the busy pattern of the headband. So sweet!

  24. Beth and Tom Says:

    I really love the Ziya. It's perfect with the colors I've picked for my wedding, but I won't be wearing it.

    I'd like to give it to my wonderful, wonderful matron of honor. She's already going above and beyond, and that would look beautiful on her!

  25. Lisa Says:

    I am absolutely in love love love with the Ariana! it is just gorgeous and would work so perfectly with my simple a-line wedding dress!
    Besides the fact that it will be amazing with my dress it has such a classy and elegant touch that makes it look like something from my grandmothers jewelry box.

  26. Kathleen Says:

    My favorite is the Ariana.

  27. Nicole-Lynn Says:

    Great giveaway! The Mariposa headband is my favorite!

  28. EFG Says:

    I loved everything in your store, but I especially love the lemondrop! It's not so large that it would distract from an outfit, and it would go with a lot of other colors!

  29. Rachel Russo Says:

    Well, I love all sorts of hair pieces, but actually my favorite is one of the ones you are giving away...the Ziya. Love the shop. I'm telling my friends about it.

  30. Jessica Says:

    The Gabriella is really cute!

  31. Mullzigatani Says:

    I love the Esmeralda clip! I think it looks so great against red hair. So cute :)

  32. sooo gorgeous!
    i <3 the marisol the best :)

  33. slimjim Says:

    I love Lemon Drops. The fresh yellow color is perfect way to bring a spot of brightness into fall weather and to herald spring. I admit I would try to attach it to my cloche hat for greater use in the fall!

  34. Quixsa Says:

    I almost could not choose between the beautiful pieces on your shop's site! wowzers!

    I think my favorite is the Valencia :0) With or without the headband would be wonderful!!

  35. merium Says:

    I love the Ziya~the vibrant colors~I love blue and red together, it's one of my fave combos!

  36. Jane Says:

    My favorite is Mariposa. I'm a sucker for headbands and I love bright colors that show up against blond hair.

  37. Izzy Hudgins Says:

    Valencia is by far my favorite, and for so many reasons! I am very much a girl in that my favorite color is and always will be PINK!! I love headbands and I also am obsessed with any thing vintage, antique, etc and I love how this hair piece just exudes sweet vintage-ness! I would be tempted to wear this every single day!

  38. I'd have to say Lemon Drops. I love the bright yellow-- I'm getting married in January and I want bright colors-- that would be absolutely perfect. It just screams "JOY!" to me.

  39. carla Says:

    I love the esmeralda!!! it's gorgeous!!!

  40. Rachel Says:

    Esmerelda looks great, I love the unique usage of the peacock feather....tres chic!

  41. melissa Says:

    I love love love the Ziya. The fabric colors look so good together. Perfecto!

  42. Kristina Says:

    I love the Esmarelda - first of all - i have peefect matching blue satin shoes and talk about a great something blue for the wedding day! Great etsy shop!

  43. umama Says:

    Definitely Valencia... anything with the name alone gets me, bringing me back to my favorite summer in Spain. But the color itself is gorgeous, and the photos are beautiful! I can so see myself with one of these beauties!

  44. Sally Says:

    Congrats on the new store, I hope it's a great success for you! ^_^
    I think Lemon Drops is my favourite - it's fresh and interesting but still subtle.

  45. My fave is definitely the Ariana. It's classy and elegant but the centerpiece button adds a bit of whimsy charm. I would pair is with jeans, boots, and a charcoal gray top! Thanks for the giveaway, they make life more fun. :)

  46. angelica Says:

    Adoro el Leyla... Red is my favorite color. I love wearing red accessories on my hair.. I would love to win this ;)

  47. Corrin Says:

    Oh I love all these flower hair clips! The Ziya is great, love the mix of colors and the bling in the middle!

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Ariana for me is definitely my favorite because it reminds me of my mom who sadly won't be with me on my wedding day.

  49. Tree Says:

    These are beautiful! I really like Ariana (something about the lace and brooch combo make me swoon), and I also like Ziya!

    And don't feel too bad, I've had similar days where I get home from work and think, "What was I DOING this morning when I thought this was okay to wear to work?!" LOL

  50. Taylor Says:

    How do you choose just one? I guess my very favorite is the Ziya. I love the colors and it a perfect size. I do love the headbands too. I am set on having my flower girls wear either flower clips or headbands in their hair and these are precious. They would all love them and it would keep it simple for three little girls who don't want elegant updos.

  51. Kate Says:

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE the Marisol! So pretty and so unusual! I would pair it with all black or black and white, and let it be the standout piece of my ensemble for the day!

  52. Lindsey Z Says:

    I just love Ziya. The layers of bright colors are so fun - perfect for perking up my winter wardrobe. I hate wearing my hair up, but these little clips are the perfect way to add a little bit of interest to my look without struggling with my hair.

    Lindsey - lzuckerm at hotmail