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Llego hoy!! Mi vestido llego hoy!!! En diez minutos voy a recogerlo!!

MY DRESS HAS ARRIVED! I remembered it was supposed to come in the month of November, so I called this morning. Laughing at my "excitement" the woman told me that the shipment date was actually the 20th of November. I thanked her, hung up, and went back to work. Three hours later I get a cell phone call. The daughter of the woman (it's a mom & daughter boutique :) calls me and says "Alejandra! Your dress just arrived! You BROUGHT it here with your thoughts!"

Heck yeah!

Unfortunately, they only have "insurance" on it for 10 days, so they are obviously wanting me to pick it up ASAP. Where am I supposed to store this thing?! Jose can't see it! I am going to have to figure that one out. But in the mean time... I'm going to go pick it up after I finish this post!!! Funny, huh? The daughter couldn't believe I had called just this morning asking about it.

Question: Which of these 2 flowers do you prefer for me to wear with my veil? (imagine the 1st one a little smaller). I am leaning more towards the Gardenia one (the 2nd). It has such a gorgeous, elegant, Spanish look to it.

And last... I am really digging this asymmetrical birdcage veil. Am I crazy? Do y'all like it? I'd love to hear what you think!


I just love the idea of Jose pulling my veil back. However, I don't know that a veil this long would work well with my wedding dress. The dress itself has such beautiful embroidery along with a very unique fitting that the veil might take away from it.

Found here

I don't know. Do you? :)

4 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    YAY! That is so exciting!

    Tom and I can keep your dress at our place for you! We have the room!

    I LOVE the gardenia. The first flower is also pretty, but the second one is so elegant.

    Love both the veils. Maybe you can try both types on at the store when you pick up your dress so that you can see? Also, I doubt the 2nd veil will take away from the details of the dress, but make it look like you considered them by having an equally detailed veil. Jose also wanted a long veil, right? Unless he has come around on that

    I love the bird cage with the flower more than long veil with the flower though (or is the flower for after the wedding and without the veil at the reception?), and it's very you with this wedding. You've been talking about birdcage veils for so long! It seems like that is what your REALLY want. You could pull off either look. Knowing you, you could make a birdcage veil. You could do some pictures with it, and then for the ceremony have the long veil for Jose to lift. Just an option.

    I can't wait. You are going to be a GORGEOUS Bride. =)

  2. Ellen Says:

    I also like the 2nd flower the best. I'm torn about the different veils because I like them both. However, I think it's so sweet to have a long veil that has to be lifted up. Thus, I like Meghan's idea of trying them both on to see how they look with the dress!

  3. fabs Says:

    I agree! Go with the second's a lot prettier and more lively.

    As for the veils, that is a tough cookie. Although I totally agree with the idea that it's more "romantic" to have a long veil so that Jose can lift up, I think the birdcage one would suit you a lot more. I don't know what it is about it, but it's soooo you. :)

    And, he'd have to lift up that veil just as well.

    Just my thoughts. :P

  4. Ale Says:

    Thank you for your thoughts! Y'all won't believe what happened when I went to pick up the dress.... but that is another post for later. It has to do about the veils and OTHER things.

    Meghan-- Even if I use it as an excuse to go see you, I will take you up on that offer! :)