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I tried not to get caught staring at him. It's just that I was ... so attracted to him. Then he's gone. Just like that. In a train. Passing by on the street. At the grocery store. A glance at a shop's window.

This is what I thought of when I heard about "Missed Connections" via my daily read. I can think of a number of times that I visually connected with someone (when I was single ;) by eye contact. Actually, don't laugh at me -- but one time I even left him a note.

It was at the grocery store... and I was 17. I accompanied my mom's boyfriend and brother and was lagging behind them when we walked in. I saw "the boy" (who worked at the store) and he almost ran into a wall because we locked eyes. When I walked past him I decided to do the "look behind" to see if he was still looking. HE WAS! My face flushed and I turned my head back around quickly. Come on, I was 17 and he was incredibly attractive. I felt pretty, shy, embarrassed, self-conscious. All of that mess. After we picked up the groceries, EVERY lane we turned into I would wonder if he would pop up. I was so nervous, that I almost didn't want him to suddenly appear.

Anyway, after we checked out, he re-appeared near the bagging section. I, of course, was lagging behind my mom's boyfriend and brother. He then moved his arms into a "are you leaving?" and I was so nervous that I just gave this reluctant shrug of "what do I do?!?!" and ... left. What was I supposed to do?! Well, I couldn't shake it off that I made my brother go back with me the next day. Again, I was ridiculously shy (believe it or not -- my fiance would beg to differ) that I couldn't bear to go into the store so I made my brother find him and give him a note I wrote him while I waited in the car. How embarrassing to admit this! And ... well, that's it. I don't know if my brother found the right guy, I never saw him at the store again, and that... was my missed connection.

Consider that note delivered by my brother, my version of a Craigslist post back when I was 17. Artist Sophie of Missed Connections creates illustrations based on messages people leave about strangers they "connected" with and never saw again on Craigslist in New York.

Did you ever have one? Or even just an eye connection? Where did it happen?
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