Imaginale Design
Oh my goodness .... just had to share this one! In my colors!!! By the same RubyFeather I featured before.

Lovely. Less flowers and more beaded twigs like this one:

Hmm.. now I'm getting somewhere. Except I don't know what my chances are of the final product looking like this. We shall see this weekend!
2 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    I love the second one! The first one's leaves show the weaving, and that looks too fake to me. I like the feathers and berries in the second one.

  2. Ale Says:

    You know, I'm also a big fan of the "berries." I think replacing more of the little flowers with stems and berries gives it a more "masculine" look. I have a feeling it will be difficult to find "teal" leaves so I may incorporate that color a different way. Though I'm a huge fan of the red leaves :)