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I came across this idea from Kiss the Groom and had to re-post it (isn't that perfume bottle divine?!?):

"before my wedding a good friend of mine suggested this sweet scent idea….search for a new fragrance, something you’ve never worn before….you must LOVE the scent….now put it away, hide it from yourself…and don’t even mention it to your groom…on the morning of your wedding day put on your new fragrance….of course you’ll feel special & lovely & happy….but the real gift comes later, because every time you wear your special perfume you’ll be reminded of your wedding day….and so will your husband….you’ll always have a sweet special married scent, which simply makes good sense….xoxo"

Seeing how much I love making connections & calling up memories with scents, this really struck a cord with me. Hmm... maybe I should stop wearing my new "Imagine" by Lollia and save it for the big day. Haha. Too late -- I spray that thing on me like a rejuvenating second shower almost every day. What perfume do you wear? And I'm honestly curious -- I'm not just throwing this question out there -- do a lot of girls save "certain" perfumes for special occasions?

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  1. Jessica R. Says:

    Hey there chica!! I know I have been def. MIA but now I'm caught up with all that is going on with you thanks to your blog. I read about whats going on....the bumps along the way(cake, car issues, thesis timing)....but no matter what, I know your wedding will be spectacular. God has a wonderful way of making things work!! I loved the idea of the having a perfume to wear on your first day as a married couple. Thats very neat and special!! I usually wear pleasures by estee lauder on special dates. I will talk to you soon!! Jessica

  2. Meghan Says:

    I love Poeme by Lancome. I had a small (tiny) bottle of it high school. Tom LOVED it. When it ran out early in college, I didn't have the money to replace it. I finally got a good sized bottle for Christmas this year. I've been wearing it, and Tom just could NOT quit hugging me and breathing deep the first few weeks. I've worn it less often since then to make it last longer and to make it special. He cracked me up one night when he said, "MMmmm you smell so good! You smell like high school." I told him he was getting a second chance to make out with his high school girlfriend. haha He laughed and said...yeah,...I married her. =)

  3. Lenora Says:

    I don't know about special occasions specifically, but I tend to associate fragrances with the time period when I first bought them/wore them a lot (Bvlgari Au The Rouge=homebuying process; Calvin Klein Euphoria=Fall 2008, all the way back to B&BW Freesia=7th grade [seriously, I put it on and BAM, school uniforms and Alanis Morrisette). When I re-wear, it's always very nostalgic--one sniff, and I'm back.

    While it would be cute to have it specifically associated with your wedding day, it probably wouldn't be the worst thing ever if you and Jose associated the scent with both the period of your engagement AND your wedding. I mean, that's what it's really about, your "early" days as a couple, not just the ceremony.

    Oh, and I'm scent-OBSESSED, but my current favorites are Jo Malone's Pomegranate Noir (I think you would like some of her citrus and floral scents, very light and sparkling; they're fun to layer) and Guerlain's Double Vanille Spiritueuse. Warm comfort smells.

  4. Ale Says:

    Yay Jessica! Welcome back :) I am definitely very blessed with not only the support from friends and family, but with the way things are working out craft-wise & financially. It has helped to let go of little things and focus on the celebration aspect :) But there's still lots more to go....

    Meghan -- that is the CUTEST thing!! Ahhh, I looove when your partner finds you irresistible and can't keep you away :) "You smell like highschool" -- haha. I'll have to check out that smell. I'm usually the one that is all over Jose when I smell his cologne. I looove men's cologne.

    Jenna -- you crack me up girl. "I put it on and BAM, school uniforms and Alanis Morrisette." Mainly because YES!! That happens to me too!!! Except my music throwback thinks of TLC, Everclear, and Christina Aguilera -haha. You know, so many of my Hispanic guy friends ALWAYS wore "curve" but I will forever associate it with the youth pastor's son that I dated. Trouble, trouble, trouble. I'll check out Malone's sometime -- floral scents are my favorite.

    Thanks for the suggestions Stacie!