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I wanted to give you all an update on the make up session I had Monday. Though I knew I definitely wanted to try the pink/plum smokey look, I was very open to trying a different color as well. Ren and I decided to try 1 look on one eye and a different one on the other.

What was the "different' one? .... A gold-smokey look!!

Because my skin tones carry a more rose, pink, and peach hue -- we found that my eye lid color looked too much like my skin color when trying the plums/pinks out. As a result, the plum contour (meaning the darker color where the crease of my eye is), ended up being really contrasting and almost too dark. However, Ren ended up bumping up the intensity of the eyelid color so it would stand out from my skin pigment, and it started to look really good.

How did the golden eye look? Imagine something like this:

Not as intense as Ms. Lewis:

But my lashes and eye liner were definitely prominent:

Ironically, though I'm not hardly "golden" right now (HELLO Atlanta, could we have some sun on the weekend when I'm not out of town?!) -- the golden tone looked good on me! By May 23rd, I should have some summer glow (though I WILL be careful not to over do it or Ren will kill me :).

What's even better is that the "shimmer" on the gold didn't look glittery. It was more... icy? Then Ren added some highlights to the top of my cheeks (like Lauren's pic up there ^), and instead of blush we used a bronzer. I have a round face and this really gave my face a nice, slim, angled look.

I was really happy with the overall look because it made my eyes bright and alive, yet I didn't feel like I was wearing costume makeup. Unfortunately due to the winter, my skin is really dry and the concealer made me feel like it stood out even more. I'm trying to drink as much water as possible because I hate dry skin. To make matters worst, I tend to shine REALLY easily (I realized this on Monday) in my forehead and cheeks, so it's a predicament of soaking up the shine, but not drying out my skin =\

Currently I use Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer. I looooove it, so I can't figure out if it's my face wash, lack of water (though I almost only drink water everyday), the weather, or ...? Any recommendations on gentle face washes? I'm trying Jan Marini but I have a sad feeling it's too strong on my face and could make the dryness worst.

And last... I leave with you with a tutorial of how to get this look! When I tried to find pictures, I saw that this look works great on many different skin tones. I enjoyed this tutorial and it's very similar to my bridal look. A big difference is the lid color she uses is more "coppery" and mine is a lighter, golden color.

Your thoughts? And what face wash do you use?
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  1. you're a beautiful girl so any makeup really does look amazing on you :) I can't wait for the big day :)

    meanwhile i was thinking, have you ever heard of a clinique moisturizer that's like allergy redness calming? i forget the name but that might help you out especially since you have the clinique hook up :)

    by the way, i just caught up on the last year of your blog...whew! don't worry know you're on my blogroll i'll be reading daily, loves yah!

  2. Ale Says:

    Well, I can't say enough how honored and grateful I am that you'll be doing my make-up. Can't go wrong when you're working with talent like you! But thank you for the sweet words :P LTA reunion!!

    Dang, girl! Caught up?! Glad you're up to date now, haha :) And I will check out that clinique moisturizer.. try to get my Aunt to mail it, hehe :)

  3. Lenora Says:

    I'm a Clinique 3 Step girl, Type 1 (extra mild/dry/sensitive). I had nasty flaky, peeling skin that would still break out before I started using it. I would use acne type washes because of the break outs, then slather on moisturizer because it made my skin so dry. Dead skin + oily moisturizer = more clogged pores. I do the liquid facial soap, type 1, the mild clarifying lotion (the type 1 toner is still too harsh for me), and the standard dramatically different yellow moisturizer--it also comes in a gel, if your skin is less dry. The girls at the counter are great at helping you figure out what number you are, and the stuff lasts forever, especially the bar cleansers.
    Cetaphil is another good mild cleanser, and, again, especially if you use the bar, it's pretty cheap/lasts awhile. I liked it when I was using prescription acne creams as a teenager. While I like Aveeno's stuff for body, but for my face, it tends to be irritating. Of course, EVERYTHING (including EVERY liquid makeup EVER) irritates my face, so take that with a grain of salt.

  4. Meghan Says:

    Pretty! I use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub in the morning, and I use Oil of Olay Daily facials at night if I am wearing make up. If not, then at night I use Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Foaming Cleanser.

    I also use Loreal Hydra Fresh Toner on my skin before putting on my facial lotion (Clean & Clear Oil Free Morning Glow Moisturizer). And I always put on lotion after I wash my face and before putting on make-up.

    If I am going to pay for nicer facial stuff, I use Lancome. They have great stuff for skin.

  5. Meghan Says:

    Oh, I forgot to add this. I'm like you as far as liquid makeup goes. I have tried good, expensive foundations and HATED them. I have been using Lancome's mineral powder though, and it's AWESOME. So light, that you don't feel it or think about it. Women compliment my skin all the time now, and a few women have asked me if I wear foundation because my "skin looks airbrushed." I never see my skin as being as great as all that, but I appreciate the compliments all the same. You should check them out. =)

  6. Ale Says:

    Jenna -- Okay, I will have to try some of the clinique stuff. I guess I was really hesitant because I tried it as a teenager and it just did NOT work on my skin. Granted, I had different skin then (more acne prone rather than just dry) -- so things may have changed.

    I'm fine with my moisturizer but it's obviously not getting the job done if my cleanser isn't working. I might just try the Cetaphil face wash first, just to start off with and see if it's Aveeno afterall. Ren has recommended Cetaphil plenty of times too. You both are clearly on the same both with advice! :)

    Meghan -- what a GREAT idea! I completely forgot about mineral powder. Thank you!! I have to ask Ren what kind we used on me on Monday. You seem to always have glowy skin!

  7. Lenora Says:

    To me, the secret with Clinique skincare is making sure you've got the right "number." They have a little chart, but to me talking to the girl at the counter was more helpful in choosing. I'd also say it's better for more sensitive/normal/dry/oily skin types than acne--for that, just suck it up and go to the dermatologist. Retin A saved my adolescence, and the $10 copay was cheaper than Clinique, anyway. ;-)

    I have trouble with mineral make up because my skin is so dry that it tends to look really "powdery." The other issue is that with my work schedule, my make up needs to last about 14 hours, and mineral make up just doesn't seem to cut it. When my skin is really irritated, though, that's about the only thing it will tolerate.

    My current favorite for workdays is a little Clinique Almost Make Up mixed with a squirt of their Up-Lighting Liquid Illuminator in Blush, set with the Blended Face Powder. On days when I don't need the staying power, I just do concealer + the Blended Face Powder. For short periods of time/going out, Clinique's Perfectly Real is about the only foundation I've found that is pale enough to match my skin.