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Today we will know. Today Jose (my fiance) will know the final offers from 2 companies that want to hire him. What does this mean? Well, this will determine WHERE we will live! I'm ready to know!!

So here are the two options: Phoenix, Arizona or Austin, Texas

What's in Phoenix? Jose's dream job. He's an electrical engineer that wants to focus on the medical field. The company in Phoenix is one of the few companies that actually combines engineering with the medical arena. Then why is he bothering with Austin? Well, the company there, though not medical, is still a really great company. Also, I'm very biased because Austin clearly has the best arts scene, my family lives in Texas, and I just love Austin in general!

He sent me this, with the statement "That's pretty close, right?"

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And yeah, Phoenix has ridiculously hot summers -- but it's a dry heat and not humid like Texas. And they have the BEST winters (60-70 degrees!).

He has received offers from both companies and each have their own benefits. You can imagine how good Austin's offer must be if they are head-to-head with Jose's dream company. I'm torn because I want Jose to be very happy with his decision, but my bias for Austin sometimes betrays me and slips out of my mouth into excitement that ultimately leaves pressure-residue. Either way, there is flexibility in my future, so it's important that Jose chooses the company that makes him happiest.

Sooo... once we decide, I am going to start looking for photographers in the area I can second shoot with as soon as we get back from Spain! I'm nervous to make a "final" decision, but also very anxious to know where we'll be living in less than 3 months -- *gulp*.

Any thoughts on these cities?
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5 Responses
  1. Lenora Says:

    Austin and Phoenix were both on my short list after graduation, so obviously I like them both a lot as cities. Have you guys considered the cost of housing/other costs of living in those cities? I know Brian got really similar offers financially from both UGA and UC-Santa Barbara, but the money wouldn't have gone nearly as far in CA. I recall Phoenix being pretty reasonable, but I don't think I made it that far in investigating Austin.

  2. Ale Says:

    Yeah, Jose definitely took cost of living into account. However, the driving force was actually getting an offer for his "dream" position. Austin ended up bidding a WAY better offer, but then Phoenix (dream job) matched it and now... well... I have a feeling Phoenix is it!

    And yes, Phoenix is reasonable -- we would just have to determine *where* we would live. Wish there was a Decatur in AZ :(

  3. Meghan Says:

    I actually think you would LOVE Phoenix. I am always seeing REALLY creative people with funky cool style on blogs of people living in Phoenix. I always think, "Ale would love a place like that." So maybe going there would be a chance to meet some other cool, stylish, creative people and to get to know and love a new city.

    One person in particular that comes to mind is also a photographer (though she does all kinds of art). I think I've sent you her blog url before, but it's

    check it out!

  4. Jenn Says:

    I looooove Austin. The music, the art....the weirdos (haha) I love it all! Buuuut I don't like the cost of living there. It's pretty outrageous. My best friend lives there so I get my Austin fix at ACL and yearly visits. I've never been to Phoenix, but the fact that Jose's dream job is there, I'd have to go with that! Can't wait to find out! :)

  5. Ellen Says:

    So . . . do you guys know yet?? I know you would love to be in Austin, but Phoenix would be pretty awesome too! I have relatives in NM, so I've been to Arizona a few times. It is actually a very artsy state, and I'm sure Phoenix has several "Decatur-like" places. Let us know!