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Guess what? I got the videos up!

BUT, before you watch them, you need to know this. We narrowed down our choices to 2 options -- one is an urban condo and the other is a quirky-home-like townhouse. Two completely different styles, right? Both are 2 bedrooms with 2 full baths but the townhouse includes a loft (small one).

Uptown Location: I combined 2 videos, one of a furnished unit and the other of the unit we would be renting (empty). I combined it because when we saw a furnished version I realized HOW big it actually was. It seemed sooo much smaller when we first saw an unfurnished one. Be mindful that the furnished one is NOT a model home and someone's actual condo.

Townhouse: This video is pretty straightforward. I tour the house and sorry for the last minute run up the stairs (lol). I wanted to take one last look at the loft space.

My thoughts after you watch...



Uptown Location PROS: Centrally located, light rail RIGHT in front of building, huge patio with beautiful view, modern structure, very safe neighborhood, heated salt water pool (whaaat?!), fitness center, sauna, 15 seater movie theater, in front of historic neighborhood.

CONS: Mainly older people (late 30's/early 40's) who live there, smaller square footage, 2nd bedroom very small to have office & bed, very small closet in MBdrm, hardly any counterspace in MBdrm bathroom, underground parking

Townhouse PROS: Quirky, very cute, very spacious, HUGE bathroom suite in master bedroom, in nice neighborhood, quiet, large kitchen, high ceilings, not overwhelmingly large, includes loft, 2 car garage + storage.

CONS: Location -- we would have to drive everywhere, small pool, no fitness center or other amenities, horrible commute to Phoenix (though Jose is working in Tempe), suburbia vs urban = closer to families.

Sooo.... yeah. The biggest difference is the location and space. Do we sacrifice a couple hundred feet of square footage to be in the center of Phoenix right by the light rail with luxury amenities & a beautiful view, or take a super cute townhouse in a more suburbia neighborhood where we would have to drive to our entertainment and most everything?

The commute to Jose's work from both places is only 4 minutes in difference, the price is the same, so the only differences are the two I mentioned earlier. What kind of lifestyle do we want to choose for our first year?

I love both but for different reasons and there's a lot to consider for our first year (furnishing, location, utilities, amenities, etc.). We have our thoughts, but since this is long enough -- why don't you tell me yours? I'd love to hear your perspective or things to consider!!!

p.s. I'm sorry if the Uptown video is a little dizzying lol -- I was a bit rushed because we needed to go.
7 Responses
  1. slimjim Says:

    Having moved multiple times, it much easier to adapt to a city when your in the midst of it! Makes you more likely to go out and explore. For that reason I would choose the Uptown location.

  2. Ale Says:

    Thanks slim! I'll be pursuing my photography so I have definitely considered the ability to be near the more artsy district of Roosevelt which is downtown. That's Uptown-1, Townhouse-0 ;)

  3. kitty j Says:

    Ale I have to say I loved both! Uptown has so much and the townhouse's bathroom was WOW!!...but I actually think the Uptown would be best for both of you b/c I know how you two love to try a lot of things and being amidst the entertainment/city rather than having to drive would be a huge plus. Not to mention that view....I can just see you two enjoying the evening view and a nice dinner or something. Maybe having a party when a certain "sister" visits...*ahem ahem* I like patio parties!!! lol

  4. Meghan Says:

    wow, those are great places! If they are the same price, I know I would choose the townhouse. I love the funky front door, all that space, the garage, the fact that you are only a few minutes of driving from most anything, and that it doesn't cost more. BUT if you are only going to stay in either place for a year, I can definitely get doing the uptown condo. In fact, for y'all, I think it might be the way to go.

    Tom and I were in a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment our first year, and we felt SO cramped by the end of it. Of course, we had a ton of stuff all in the guest room and its closet and had also adopted two dogs. But my thing is, you can do anything (space-wise) for a year. And you probably won't adopt two highly active puppies this year.

    One thing to consider is that you mentioned that in the uptown its less families and in the townhome more suburban. But you also said about the condo that it's "Mainly older people (late 30's/early 40's) who live there." I found that (because there were many people that age in our apartment complex) people in those groups tend to have kids living there. There are small families in nice condos with kids that run around and play, just like in neighborhoods. So you might be with families regardless.

    One plus to having most residents be older than you is that you don't generally have a lot of loud music and drunk people waking you up all night when you have work in the morning. Also, we found that even with the younger crowd at our first place, we were some of the youngest people there. There were two other guys our age. That was about it.

    Here's my thing. If you are trying to save for a house or something like that, you are going to benefit from paying less utilities at a condo, because you can save that extra money. You will also not need to buy as much to furnish the place or paint it. That means when you move into a house that you own, you'll have the chance to furnish it the way you want instead of bringing in furniture you bought for a different place and having no money to replace that furniture.

    Also, the chance of buying a house you love and that's a nice size in the same general location of the condo for a good price is slim. So if you want to live in that area, do it for a year. Live the city life. You have the rest of your life to try living in the burbs.

  5. Lenora Says:

    Just for looks/space/garage, I prefer the townhouse. On the other hand, location is really important. Some of it may depend on where you're kind of thinking you may buy a house eventually. If you're thinking suburbs, it might be a good idea to try living there first to see how much the commute annoys you. I loved living in Decatur, but in the end wasn't able to afford buying there, too. It's also worth considering how far clients would have to drive to meet with you.

  6. Ale Says:

    Sounds like condo is winning!

    You all know me so well because you know EXACTLY why I'm torn.

    I LOVE the townhouse for looks(really important to me)/space/garage -- like you said Jenna. But like Jasmine said, Jose and I are foodies, love to go out, and a patio party WOULD be awesome. And Meghan, you hit the nail on the head --I have to consider the *future* and while my instinct is the townhouse for the sake of looks, that first year is going to determine a lot!! I don't want to furnish a large townhouse and move in 1 year.

    I'm obviously leaning to the condo, but you see WHY it's so HARD for me to let go of that cute townhouse. I'm a decor-lover, sucker for space... but trying the city life will only come once in my life.

    Seriously though, that townhouse BATHROOM!?! Insane!

  7. Ellen Says:

    I would go with the condo. I too find the townhouse more aesthetically pleasing, yet the condo would be better for you guys. It has a better location and it is still a great place to live!