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We decided! We are going to apply for the Uptown Condo! So as long as the application process goes smoothly and everything works out... we will be trying out the city life!!

Also, remember I mentioned that I got an amazing gift from a group of my girlfriends? I hadn't shared that with you... so I figured now would be good :)

I was presented with THIS beautiful bag

But you have to pay attention to this detail

Practically my centerpiece fabric design! And it's in teal! AND red tissue paper

What detail! And when I pulled out the gift, there was a purple bag with the words "Epiphanie." Out loud, but quietly, I said "that sounds so familiar..." I unzipped the bag and found T H I S

NO FREAKING WAY!!! That's actually exactly what I said too!

Remember me shamelessly writing about these?! And HERE too?! This is basically a camera bag designed by a girl who was tired of having to come up with creative ways to put her camera in her purse. When you own an SLR, it is very annoying to carry with you -- so she designed a camera bag PURSE! So to Jenna, Kira, Ellen, Katherine, and Virginia -- thank you SO SO SO much for my gift. I was not expecting this at all and I'm already using it! I LOVE IT! Though I have to admit that Jose is taking family surveys to convince me to not take it to Spain. He said the red would draw too much attention and I will get robbed.


BOO thieves. I argue we shouldn't even wear backpacks because that is practically yelling "tourist!" Right?
2 Responses
  1. Meghan Says:

    OMG that's amazing! I'm dying for one of those bags! So glad you got one. Tell Jose to get over it. You're going to have your camera. You might as well just have it in a purse instead of a camera bag. I'm just sayin'.

  2. Ale Says:

    Yes.. so amazing and completely unexpected!!

    Bhahaha... I'll pass on the message to Jose if he hasn't already read this. And you know why that's so funny? It's EXACTLY what I said. We are too alike :)